Avatar Wins 7th Friday Box Office With $7.5M; Edge of Darkness 2nd at $5.7M

Based on studio estimates Avatar has won Friday’s box office derby with $7.5M, a drop of only 17% from the previous Friday and a number that tracks with Avatar reaching a figure of $29M for the weekend — which is $2-3M higher than the $26m that was the average predicted by box office prophets across the spectrum going into the weekend. $29M would dethrone Titanic for the highest 7th weekend ever (Titanic notched $25m) and would leave Avatar $29M short of Titanic’s US record of $600.7M.

Rant: The Avatar Backlash Part II: This Time It's the "Let's Put an Asterisk By the Box Office Records" Backlash

Even as the “Avatar is only #24 in terms of tickets sold” backlash to the “Avatar has overtaken Titanic” storyline develops, some balance and sanity has been injected by a Wall Street Journal piece by Carl Bialik in which the author discusses the difficulty in comparing films from different eras – and if you do compare them, by what metrics?

21-23 Weekend Box Office Wrap: Avatar Passes Titanic For # 1 Foreign Take, Other Records Fall

The Avatar juggernaut continued to roll during the 21-23 January weekend, and now with the actuals out it is confirmed that James Cameron’s sci-fi epic logged a U.S. gross of $34.9m (we had predicted $34m), off only 18 percent from the previous week — a pace that is in line with Titanic’s trend at the same point in its release and the lowest dropoff by far of any wide releases currently in theaters.

Avatar Posts $4.7M on Wednesday, Passes Shrek 2 and is Now #4 All Time US Box Office Gross

Avatar grossed $4.7 million on Wednesday, Jan. 13, according to figures released at Box Office Mojo. Compared to Tuesday, its earnings dropped by only 6.4 percent. After 27 days out, James Cameron’s ecologically conscious sci-fi adventure has taken in a remarkable $445.7 million at the domestic box office. Avatar is now #4 on the all-time domestic box-office chart (not adjusted for inflation or higher 3D/IMAX ticket prices) It will surely be #3 by Monday, ahead of George Lucas‘ Stars Wars ($460m).