Fox Makes Avatar Screenplay Available for Free Download as Foreign Gross Closes in On $1B

Avatar fans have a new toy — Fox Studios has made James Cameron’s original Avatar Screenplay available for free download online.  I’ve only had time to quickly glance through it, but it’s clear that there are some pretty substantial differences, at least at the beginning, from the version that is playing in theaters.   The screenplay, for example, features a number of scenes building up Jake Sully’s backstory a bit more.  I wonder if these were shot, and if so, will they become part of a director’s cut at some point.  Here’s the link for the download:

Meanwhile Box Office Mojo also has an interesting link up.  It shows the complete list of Avatar’s foreign earnings, country by country, as of January 10th.  The foreign total is now $910,847,663 — looks like it will break $1b foreign by tomorrow or the next day.

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