Cinemartini — a great idea off to a great start

Last month I was one of those in attendance at “Cinemartini“, the brainchild of Nick Monteleone, a producer-in-process who used to work as my assistant and who is off on his own now making things happen.  The idea for Cinemartini is pretty cool — once a month, an evening of short films presented at a

A Commercial that is pure poetry

I just saw this commercial for the first time five minutes ago …I can’t describe it except to say that as I was watching it, my jaw dropped and by the time it was 2/3 over I was sitting in astonished appreciation. Each image in this is exquisite — but more than that — laden

Hollywood Reporter Reviews "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank", Philippine contender for Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film

Philippine director Marlon Rivera exploits cliches to lambast of the pretensions of independent cinema in his country and his fellow filmmakers’ inflated egos. BUSAN, South Korea — A mockumentary about filmmaking and a gritty-realist tragedy of child prostitution in a Manila slum are arguably two of the most je jeune offerings in a festival lineup. Philippine director Marlon

Last Day Dream — A Compelling Short Film

A friend sent me this link and I’m sharing it.  Very compelling short film (very short) called “Last Day Dream” by acclaimed director Chris Milk.  Most likely after you watch it once you’ll “get it” and want to watch it again.  Enjoy.

Denise Herzing and the Wild Dolphin Project breaking new ground in human-dolphin communication

Since 1985 Denise Herzing and the Wild Dolphin Project have been breaking new ground by studying a group of approximately 100 dolphins in the Bahamas in their natural habitat — tracking their lives, relationships, offspring, and studying their communication and socialization. Think of her as the Jane Goodall of dolphins and you’ll have a pretty

Avatar Has Emotional Wallop?

Despite the naysayers who find deficiencies in the story, clearly Avatar, it seems, is resonating emotionally with audiences who find the immersive “journey to Pandora” an experience worthy of experiencing multiple times.  In fact CNN reports on “Avatar Blues”, noting: “James Cameron’s completely immersive spectacle “Avatar” may have been a little too real for some

Unforgettable: Munich Olympic Massacre in 1972

The 1972 attack on the Israeli Olympic team in 1972 was vivid and painful — and the fact that it was the the sports team headed by Jim McKay covering the tragedy created a juxtaposition that made it seem all the more surreal. Jim McKay was not the actual anchor for the games–Chris Schenkel was — but in a shrew decision it was McKay who took over the anchor chair and held our collective hands through the entire episode.

Disney Catching Flack From Theaters for Its Alice In Wonderland Plans

AMC is threatening to join a boycott started by theaters in the Netherlands  and Great Britain over Disney’s plans to shorten the window between its theatrical and DVD release of the 3D pic Alice In Wonderland from 17 weeks to 12 weeks.  The theater owners fear this move will cut into their theatrical earnings.  Interestingly,

Avatar vs Titanic — What Will Be the Final Outcome?

he last two weekends saw the Avatar vs Titanic box office derby reach a point where Titanic finally began to beat Avatar on a “same day of run” basis, and so now that this “crossover” point has been achieved, it’s as good a time as any to take a look at where the two are now, and where Avatar is likely to end up. As of President’s Day Monday, Avatar had reached a total Domestic Gross of $666,388,502, while through the same number of days in release Titanic had reached 376,270,721. This means that Titanic still had $225M of business to go.

9 Academy Award Nominations for Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar led the field in this morning’s Oscar Nominations with 9 nominations,for best picture, best director, best original score, sound mixing, sound editing, cinematography, art direction, editing, and visual effects.

Avatar Hits $30M (Just Like We Predicted); Beats Estimates and Wins 7th Weekend Box Office Race; Now Within $6M of Titanic's US Domestic Record

The Sunday morning weekend studio estimates are out and Fox has Avatar pulling in $30M in its 7th frame, soundly thumping Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness ($17m) and When in Rome ($13M). This represents a drop of only 14% from the previous weekend, and is $4M higher than the average Friday prediction by the experts 0f $26m. Our prediction of $30m, published Friday, seems to have been spot on.

Kathryn Bigelow Bests James Cameron to Win Director's Guild Award

Top honors at the Director’s Guild Award went to Kathryn Bigelog for “The Hurt Locker” == a win that certainly gives Bigelow the inside track for the Best Directing Oscar and makes The Hurt Locker a strong contender and possibly favorite for the Best Picture Oscar.

Avatar Wins 7th Friday Box Office With $7.5M; Edge of Darkness 2nd at $5.7M

Based on studio estimates Avatar has won Friday’s box office derby with $7.5M, a drop of only 17% from the previous Friday and a number that tracks with Avatar reaching a figure of $29M for the weekend — which is $2-3M higher than the $26m that was the average predicted by box office prophets across the spectrum going into the weekend. $29M would dethrone Titanic for the highest 7th weekend ever (Titanic notched $25m) and would leave Avatar $29M short of Titanic’s US record of $600.7M.

Avatar #1: Oops, Let's Move the Goal Posts

No sooner had Avatar done the unthinkable — overtaking and surpassing Avatar as the #1 Box Office Hit of all time in terms of global box office gross — than the goal posts started getting moved, with most of the articles now starting to footnote the accomplishment with calculations of number of admissions rather than total box office gross as the new way of measuring the all time champ.