What the Mueller Report Actually Says

Here is my sincere description of what’s in it, based on actually reading it, carefully, from start to finish. VOLUME I: RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE AND THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN Russian Interference was “sweeping and systematic” First, and most importantly, “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” There were two components

America the Beautiful? You Mean America the Pitiful. I Am Ashamed

One headline reads: Trump’s Travel Ban Off to a Disturbing Start.  Another: Refugees Detained, Legal Residents Blocked, as Trump’s Order is Implemented.  As the reports come in of chaos around the world as legitimate visitors to the US, including students, scientists, green card holders, and vetted and approved immigrants, are barred from entry,  — I just

Putin, Trump, and the Russian Influence in the US Election — Act of War, or the New Normal?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Russian influence operation against the American elections. I’ve read and reread the declassified report, and I’ve thought about it from the perspective of both an American observer in 2017 and the perspective of a former Cold War era intelligence officer. I’ve tried to digest all the inputs and

Dear President Trump: Let Us Be Patriots

Therapy exercise for the day:  Dear President Trump, Since the travel ban was enacted last week, protests have erupted and the polarization of America has accelerated.  Like many, I’ve been engaged in social media dialogue and debate about this, and in the course of that debate I’ve learned that there is a fundamental concept that seems

America the Fearful? Spineless Yanks? That’s What Excluding Syrian Refugees Says About Us, So Own It

At latest count 24 states, including one with a democratic governor, have declared they will not host Syrian refugees. Why?  Because one of the terrorists who attacked this past weekend in Paris apparently posed as a Syrian refugee.  Am I the only one who just feels sickened at the lack of compassion and lack of

Warriors of Samar

Warriors of Samar is also available via Amazon at this link — but as with Daughters of Samar, we decided to make it available to read online so if you go to Warriors of Samar, you can read it there. It’s the story of the Balangiga Encounter, told exactly as it happened,  and it attempts

A Photo That Will LIft the Spirits

Every once in awhile a picture comes along that says it all.  This one, uncredited, is starting to make the rounds on Facebook.   I’m trying to find the credit — I did a TinEye.com search (see below) which says it seached 4.2 Billion images and didn’t find a match.  If someone knows, let me

Manny Pacquiao's Legacy Under Siege

I wrote once, quasi-famously it turns out, about the empathy, grace, and humility of Manny Pacquiao. It was gratifying, even thrilling, to see the response — more than 200,000 read the article; 39,000 fowarded it to Facebook, and through it all what came through was a deep, heartfelt appreciation by everyone –myself and all the

If the World Were a Village of 100 People

A friend of mine sent around a powerpoint presentation entitled “If the World Were a Village of 100 People” which was very moving and I wanted to share it, but Powerpoint doesn’t share so well on a blog, so I went to YouTube and found there are a bunch of people who have done videos

Christopher Hitchens, the maddening, infuriating, delightful, thrilling essayist and all around bon vivant and troublemaker, is dead

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it does. Christopher Hitchens, one of the free-est of the free thinkers I’ve ever come across, a guy who tossed ideas like hand grenades  and liked enough whiskey “to kill or stun the average mule”, has died after all all too brief battle with esophogeal cancer.  He was

Boy's wish to travel to the Philippines granted

Rolfo “Julius” Dogillo will get to spend Christmas with his father in the Philippines — something he might not have been able to do if it hadn’t been for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Guam and TakeCare Insurance Company. Yesterday morning TakeCare donated $7,500 to fund 15-year-old Dogillo and his family’s trip to the Philippines where he

Messy Democracy in the Philippines: Aquino administration plans to oust Corona?

This is the kind of thing that is hard to understand from abroad, particularly in America where the institutions of government are given greater weight and value than the individuals occupying them. It bears watching. MANILA, Philippines — Chief Justice Renato Corona on Monday finally broke his silence amid the criticisms leveled against him and

The History of the Philippine Scouts

by Col. John E. Olson, USA (Ret.) “Stand aside, the Scouts are coming.” These simple words contained in a poem written by an American officer in a Japanese POW camp shortly after the fall of Bataan reflect a sincere and respectful tribute to some of the finest soldiers ever to serve in the U.S. Army.

Mike Wise | Freddie Roach got off the mat and triumphed

Freddie Roach, newly minted Hall of Fame trainer, will have his wares on display tonight when Amir Khan takes on Lamont Petersen. In today’s Washington Post, Mike Wise has written a great tribute to Freddie that reminds us of where Freddie has been, and what he’s had to deal with. Freddie Roach got off the

Ignatius: A bleak look at America's future

by David Ignatius Is American power in decline, relative to the rest of the world? That question is at the center of a provocative study by the U.S. intelligence community exploring what the world might look like in 2030. The answer, judging by comments from a panel convened to discuss the topic, is that America

"Forgotten Soldiers", the Philippine Scouts — a documentary film to be released in January 2012

A friend of the Philippines, Carol Merrill, alerted me to “Forgotten Soldiers”, a documentary about the U.S. Army’s Philippine Scouts, which will premiere in January 2012. This is a film that I hope fervently will be seen and gain an audience. For Producer/Director Donald Plata and writer Chris Schaefer it has clearly been a labor

Hindu Business Line: "Philippines is a wake-up call for Indian IT Industry"

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, DEC 8: The Philippines emerging as the most-preferred destination for voice-based BPO destination is a wake-up call for the larger Indian BPO sector, says Mr V. K. Mathews, Executive Chairman, IBS Group. The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) had declared recently that its call centre business had grown over 20 per cent

Hollywood Reporter Reviews "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank", Philippine contender for Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film

Philippine director Marlon Rivera exploits cliches to lambast of the pretensions of independent cinema in his country and his fellow filmmakers’ inflated egos. BUSAN, South Korea — A mockumentary about filmmaking and a gritty-realist tragedy of child prostitution in a Manila slum are arguably two of the most je jeune offerings in a festival lineup. Philippine director Marlon