What the Mueller Report Actually Says

Here is my sincere description of what’s in it, based on actually reading it, carefully, from start to finish. VOLUME I: RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE AND THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN Russian Interference was “sweeping and systematic” First, and most importantly, “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” There were two components

Duterte: “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it. We are in a democracy.”

Ever since it became clear that Rodrigo Duterte was likely to win the Presidency in the PHilippines, I’ve been having a two track reactions.  One one track, I’m excited to see someone who is definitely not “more of the same” take the reins in the rambunctious Philippines, and hopeful that intractable problems may actually seem

America the Fearful? Spineless Yanks? That’s What Excluding Syrian Refugees Says About Us, So Own It

At latest count 24 states, including one with a democratic governor, have declared they will not host Syrian refugees. Why?  Because one of the terrorists who attacked this past weekend in Paris apparently posed as a Syrian refugee.  Am I the only one who just feels sickened at the lack of compassion and lack of

Philippine Air Force Taking Over Control of Typhoon Relief Air Operations

The Philippine Air Force announced yesterday that it will assume responsibility for coordinating humanitarian airlift operations, a move that no longer requires Joint Task Force 505?s assistance with command and control of air assets supporting Operation Damayan for Typhoon Yolanda victims. A U.S. Air Force C-130H aircraft delivered the last shipment of USAID to Tacloban

Diocese of Borongan Publishes Ways to Send Donations for Eastern Samar Typhoon Relief

From Neil Gavan Tenefrancia and Lawaan.com Diocese of Borongan YOU CAN DEPOSIT YOUR CASH DONATIONS VIA THE DIOCESE OF BORONGAN THRU THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNTS: >>>DOLLAR ACCOUNT A. Crispin B. Varquez or Inocentes Abuda, Jr. 390-2-39000184-8 Metrobank-Borongan Branch Swift Code: mbtc.phmm >>>PESO ACCOUNT B. Roman Catholic Bishop of Borongan 0720-028012-030 Development Bank of the Philippines-Borongan Branch

Lawaan’s Achingly Sweet Theme Song

A few years back I came across this lovely theme song for Lawaan and had filed it away until this morning, when I went looking for it on Youtube and, watching it, just felt heartbroken about what is happening to Lawaan, Eastern Samar, and the rest of the central Philippines in the aftermath of typhoon

Smart Communications Yolanda Update

Interview with Mon Isberto, Public Affairs Director for Smart Communications about what Smart is doing, and is planning to do, to alleviate the communications problems in the typhoon affected areas. http://anc.yahoo.com/video/smart-sets-libreng-tawag-stalls-032211403.html

Few Americans Realize That the US has Deep Historical Connections to Typhoon Ravaged Philippine Islands of Leyte, Samar

As the tragedy wrought by Typhoon Hainan (Philippine designation Yolanda)  unfolds in agonizing slow motion, Americans find themselves looking at a region in the Philippines that bears a deep historical connection to America — yet it is a connection that is little known to the general population in the US.   To Filipinos or students

Resources for Typhoon Yolanda Information

We will add to this as new sources of information or opportunities to help are available.  This is just a starter list. Google People Finder — Typhoon Yolanda Page If you are looking for a family member, or want your family to know you are safe. MGive Foundation MGive Foundation is Collecting donations from U.S.

Who Hijacked the GOP?

I originally wrote this for A Hollywood Republican in 2011, where I am tolerated as a not-overly-inflammatory opposing view.  A Facebook thread today reminded me of it, and I realized I’ve never logged it in here on my own blog — so here it is.  Keep in mind the original publication date of May 17,