First Reviews of "Gracie" Praise Carly Schroeder's Performance

by Michael D. Sellersfor MovieBank and Quantum Entertainment Following are the first reviews for Carly Schroeder’s Gracie! From Hollywood Reporter. (click for full review)Whether striding onto the field past a gaggle of cheerleaders or flirting her way past a bouncer, Schroeder (“Lizzie McGuire”) is a natural as Gracie, whose athleticism and self-respect are inseparable facets of extraordinary

Keeping it Real:The Truth About Box Office Gross

by Michael D. Sellers Every independent producer who is trying to garner investment for his project inevitably cites “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Blair Witch” as examples of what can happen to a small film that strikes the right chord with audiences.  And this is understandable — after all, that’s the pot of gold that

Eye of the Dolphin Honored with Special Presentation at Tribeca

(From the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation)Four films have been selected for presentation as part of the Sloan Science and Technology Series at Tribeca, which spotlights festival films that tackle scientific subject matter in a compelling and accurate fashion. Sloan will  co-present four world premieres during the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival – Michael Sellers’ Eye of

Memory Lane at Tribeca

by Michael D. Sellers Of all the festifvals we’ve had films in, Tribeca is probably the best and it was a real experience to go there for the Eye of the Dolphin screenings, especially for me. That’s because it was the first trip back to New York in twenty-odd years (won’t say exactly how many)

What Does A Producer Do?

by Michael D. Sellers If there is one question that I get asked more often than anything else during my work at MovieBank and Quantum Entertainment — it’s “What, exactly, does a producer do?” Imagine working as hard as we all do…..if you’re a doctor, an attorney, an architect, a deep sea diver — people

FilmBiz101: The Box Office Dollar

by Michael D. Sellers So … how does a box office dollar get broken down?Well – there are different splits so there is no single formula. For example, when studios release blockbusters like Spiderman or Shrek, they negotiate a split that is very favorable to the distributor (the studio) in the first weeks, then swings