Did Pacquiao's "Bad Hair Day" fuel the controversy?

Did Pacquiao's "Bad Hair Day" fuel the controversy?

Leroy Cleveland writing at Fight Saga has brought up a point that may sound a little silly on the surface, but is actually a valid consideration: Did Manny Pacquiao’s long hair, which flew wildly every time he was hit, contribute to the impression that Marquez was hurting him more than really was the case? Silly as it sounds, Cleveland may well be onto something and it would be worth keeping this in mind when watching the replay this weekend on HBO. Fight trainers have long known that long hair has this effect. Pacquiao said before the fight that he felt superstitiously that he is stronger with longer hair — and Freddy Roach didn’t challenge him on it. But there is no question that long hair exaggerates the effect of a punch. The judges may not have been fooled — but fans and press may have been.

Here is the full article by Cleveland — it’s worth a read: Was Manny Pacquiao’s Hair a Factor in the Marquez Fight

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