Koncz provides first insight into Pacquiao's Reaction to Mayweather-Ortiz

Manny Pacquiao’s advisor Michel Koncz emerged from a Manila Hotel where he watched the Mayweather-Ortiz fight with Manny Pacquiao and provided the first insight into Pacman’s reaction to the bizarre ending to the fight in which Mayweather sucker punched Ortiz while the latter was apologizing for head-butting Mayweather in the fourth round of the fight at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  What did Pacquiao have to say?

“It was, to say the least, unsportsmanlike,” Koncz quoted Pacquiao as saying. “No, Mayweather should not be faulted for what happened,” Koncz toninued.  “Manny thinks it was the young Ortiz’s immaturity and lack of experience that did him in. “  Saying that Pacquiao had the same reaction he did (and they watched the fight together in Pacquiao’s hotel suite), Koncz made the point that Mayweather did not violate any boxing rule, but a “boxer who has slightly better self respect and is proud to win “cleanly” would not have done that.”

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