Amel Mathluthi Sings "My Word is Free" at the Barricades for the Tunisian Revolution that launched the Arab Spring in 2011

Just as Freddie Aguilar was there singing “Bayan Ko” at the EDSA Revolution for Cory Aquino, and just as John Stewart was there singing songs of hope for Bobby Kennedy — so too was the extraordinary Tunisian singer/songwriter Amel Mathluthi (alternate spelling Amal Mahluthi) at the barricades for Tunisia last January in support of the demonstrations that started the Arab Spring that is rewriting the history of the Middle East. This song is an absolute gem that brings tears to my eyes eery time I hear it. This video clip begins with Amel singing in the midst of the demonstrations on January 14th, then at 2:50 it transitions to the studio version of the song, with English subtitles and visuals that will break–and fill–your heart. “I am those who are free and never fear, I am the secrets that will never die, I am the voice of those who would not give in, I am the meaning amid the chaos.” Thank you Amel, for making us feel like it’s worthwhile to be part of the human race.

Amel Mathluthi

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