Berto Drops Out of Mosely Fight Due to Haiti Devastation; Way Open for Mayweather Mosley in May

Even non-fight fans have been following the Mayweather-Pacquiao steroids struggle, and most know that Pacquiao has moved on, scheduling a fight on March 13 in Dallas Cowboys Stadium with tough Ghanaian welterweight Joshua Clottey. Meanwhile yesterday Haitian welterweight Andre Berto, who had been scheduled to fight Shane Mosley on January 30th in Las Vegas, dropped out of that fight, stating that the strain of events in his native Haiti had made it impossible for him to train properly. This opens the possibility of a fight that Mosley has been seeking for years — a matchup with Floyd Mayweather. And Mayweather’s rep Richard Schaefer has been saying for weeks that Mayweather would not duck a fight with Mosley, even though many of Mayweather’s critics think he will continue avoiding Mosley, as he has for several years. Now it looks like a fight between the two is likely — probably in May. Interesting.

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