USAF C-17 With a Whopping 675 Passengers Flies out of Tacloban in the Philippines

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has created what feels like infinite havoc in the Philippines, including countless evacuees. This Picture of a USAF C-17 carrying 675 evacuees out of Leyte is pretty astonishing. I’m wondering if 675 people on one airplane is some kind of a record. Really amazing. Scroll down to see what kind of plane this is.

7 thoughts on “USAF C-17 With a Whopping 675 Passengers Flies out of Tacloban in the Philippines

  1. What a great sight. The help from the US this time looks like an excellent use of our tax money. I hope the Philippine country continues to develop in to a strong and free country.
    G. Wright

  2. Yes, my husband and I are from TX. We are both US citizens, visiting family in Tacloban, my grandson, his wife and 3 small children.
    We were on one of these CARGO Planes on Nov 10th. But it was a C130 Philippine ARMY plane. We were only about 240. Standing room only except for the injured and elderly and babies. We were flown out from the only Airport in Tacloban to Cebu. Then we have to check in a hotel in Cebu for the night and fly to Manila the next morning. From Manila, flew to Guanzhou China, then to LAX then to Houston then to Austin, TX. What an ordeal.
    We almost drowned in our hotel room at Z-pad. We are thankful for the Guardian angels and small and large miracles we encountered trying to go home. We saw first hand the devastation in Tacloban. Now I know the meaning of “wipe off the face of the earth”. That is what happened to Tacloban. The city is no more.
    We just hope and pray that this city will rise up from the ashes and be a great city again.

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