America Take Note: Filipinos Circulating “Second Leyte Landing” Pic on Facebook

Here’s a very cool pic being circulated on Facebook. It’s been shared 15,225 times so far. You know — America doesn’t get too many pats on the back these days. Can’t really remember the last one. Throughout this whole ordeal my “Filipino side” has had the helm of my little boat, but for a moment, when I saw this, my “American side” came to the fore and you now what — it felt good. So from my American side …. thank you for the acknowledgment. And to the Americans who are out there doing the work — you guys are rockstars and the Filipinos you’re helping appreciate you. Click on it if you’re logged in to Facebook and you can see all the many comments. Very heartwarming.

And for anyone who doesn’t know about the history, here’s a history lesson:
Few Americans Realize That the US has Deep Historical Connections to Typhoon Ravaged Philippine Islands of Leyte, Samar

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