Pacquiao’s First Words After KO: Buboy, Where Are You

Pacquiao’s First Words After KO: Buboy, Where Are You

Via Inquirer News

Hollywood—The cord that binds Manny Pacquiao and Buboy Fernandez is flexible and unbreakable.

They were so close that the first words Pacquiao uttered upon regaining consciousness after getting knocked out cold by Juan Manuel Marquez were: “Boy nasan ka (Buboy where are you?).”

Fernandez, Pacquiao’s childhood buddy was right beside him, holding his head above the canvas after turning him over when he saw him motionless, eyes closed.

Unable to answer, Fernandez took out Pacquiao’s mouthpiece to clear his air passage and he was too glad that his friend reacted as if in pain.

“Anong nangyari, tapos na ba ang laban (What happened, is the fight over),” Pacquiao asked Fernandez, who replied, “Oo brod, nasingitan tayo (Yes brod, he was able sneak in?).

That brief conversation relieved Fernandez, who’d been with Pacquiao since their teen years in Gen. Santos City. “I knew then that he’s going to be okay,” said Fernandez in Filipino, “especially when I asked him to move his feet and he did.”

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  • james zamora

    November 13, 2013 at 6:19 pm Reply

    Ang tunay na pagkakaibigan mapaiyak ka talaga. Sa hirap at ginhawa. Natalo man si Manny but his friendship with Buboy, a childhood buddy, was there. When Jesus was up the cross some few men were there despite in fear. Babangon ka Manny! Babangon ka!

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