Wow, I wasted a whole evening ranting about how lame the new John Carter Trailer was, based on the very lame piece of x%&# that they showed on GMA this morning. But ….my prayers are answered. 18 hours later the ACTUAL new trailer is out and it is much, much better. What gives? What the h–l was it that they showed on GMA? I don’t know and that will be worth some investigating — but now I need to make sure that my previous rant is balanced by the fact that I think the real trailer, while not without problems, is closer to what I’ve been hoping for. As I explained in the other post, this is a movie I’ve been waiting for since I was 12 years old reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series. This trailer, at least, begins to get me excited.

For the record, here is the new John Carter trailer. This is much, much better than what was shown on GMA this morning.

I still have concerns, but it doesnt’ look like the “dud” that I feared it was.

As Emily Litella said: “Never mind.”

Hope rises …..

To be continued…..

[[[PS-UPDATE: It’s really fascinating how much of a photo-finish this trailer was. The word was, this trailer (the one above) would be released at 9pm EST and would also be seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. But it didn’t get released until almost 1am the next day…and Taylor Kitsch was on Jimmy Kimmel (taped at about 9pm EST) but they showed not trailer. They are sweating big huge bullets in the John Carter universe….my heart goes out to them. I hope this trailer rights the ship and it goes beautifully from now on.]]

PS I just showed both trailers to my uber intelligent son/film-maker Patrick whose comment was: That’s like the difference between showing a trailer made by an intern from a rough cut, and a trailer house making a proper trailer from the final movie.

Again, for those who didn’t read my earlier rant — embedding is disabled on this, and you’ll see why. They don’t want this one getting out, and they’re right.

PPS My son doesn’t know who Emily Litella is, so I must clarify. Emily Litella was a hilarious character created by the awesomely talented Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live who would come on the show to give an “editorial reply” during the news update segment. One famous one I remember was Emily ranting: “What’s this about endangered feces?” at the end, once Chevy Chase had explained to her, as he did every week, that she was confused, she would end with her famous punchline, which is on the head of this clip:


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