Here's The Complete, Very Heartwarming Maria Aragon Story

Here's The Complete, Very Heartwarming Maria Aragon Story

We were having our Thanksgiving dinner and a promo for the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special came on, which caused me to bring up Maria Aragon — thinking everyone knew the story of how the Filipina-Canadian was discovered by Lady Gaga on Youtube and the rest is history. None of my web-savvy kids knew the story, so I opened up my laptop and took them on a Youtube tour of the wonderful and inspiring story ….. and in the process that if you put all the clips together in sequence they add up to a “Youtube Documentary” of Maria Aragon’s story, in eight parts.

Lady Gaga’s comment on seeing Maria’s video of “Born This Way”: “I can’t stop crying watching this.  This is why I make music”

Lady Gaga, you’re right.

Here it is:

Part One — Maria Aragon’s Now Legendary “Born this Way” Cover

Part Two — Lady Gaga Invites Maria to Perform With Her

Part Three — The Performance with Lady Gaga

and the encore

and returning home the next day.

Part Four — On the Ellen Degeneres Show, Goodmorning America, and more

Part Five — Oh Canada for Prince William and Kate

Part Six — A Star In the Philippines

Part Seven — Lupang Hiniram at the Pacquiao-Marquez Fight

Part 8 – The Album – Music Video

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