Nat Geo Wild puts bikini clad swimmers into the water with South African great white sharks….now there's an idea!

As anyone who’s done any scuba diving around sharks knows, most of the time they are pretty mellow and they seem to understand, for the most part, that humans are not an ideal food option. Still, shark attacks happen, and even as you scuba among them, you can’t help but wonder — what if one of them suddenly gets a hankering for a human snack?

Nat Geo Wild looks like they’re on a mission to redefine “sharkness” with an experiment that seems a bit foolhardy on the surface at least — put bikini clad “bait” into the water in the midst of the Great Whites of South Africa. It’s part of a larger movement to rid sharks of the “marauding killer” label and reboot their image as a predator who, for the most part, is uninterested in making meals of humans.

It airs on Nat Geo on November 25.

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