Slow-mo replay of the entire Pacquiao Marquez fight is an interesting, revealing exercise

A Youtuber who goes by the name “Dredgification” has done something interesting — he’s posted the entire Pacquiao-Marquez III fight in slow motion on the theory and belief that doing so demonstrates that Pacquiao deserved the win. Now I’m not recommending that you spend two hours looking at every frame of the fight in slow motion — but it’s pretty interesting to just click through some of the videos and watch. My impression after doing that is that the slowmo replay does tend to favor Pacquiao in ways that are just not apparent when watching it full speed. You see the degree to which he was taking the fight to Marquez; the degree to which his quickness almost makes it hard to see some of what he’s doing in the ring. This is probably not a major contribution to the debate — but an interesting one. Here is the first half of the fight — you can find the rest on Youtube.

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