Here’s a video showing all the instances of “Marquez stepping on Pacquiao’s foot” that have become a hot topic of conversation among Pacquiao fans and on some of the boxing blogs.  One thing to keep in mind when viewing it is that unintentional head butts and unintentional stepping on the opponents’ foot are both fairly common when a left-hander and right-hander fight.  That doesn’t mean this is unintentional — but analysis should start from an acknowledgment that this happens.

My analysis? I have an opinion but i’m not putting this up here just to vent my opinion, and I’m curious to see if anyone has a compelling argument on the other side.

To understand where I’m coming down on this:

  • This happens quite frequently left-handers fight right-handers
  • Same for head butts (accidental variety)
  • Each boxer will try to get his foot outside the other’s — this was talked about a lot by Freddie Roach in the pre-fight HBO material
  • To my knowledge no one from the Pacquiao camp is complaining about it (if I’m wrong please correct me)
  • If you look — each time it happens, Marquez is making the same move — he’s ducking down and to his left, which throws his center of gravity out the left and it is natural then, to move your foot out and up to remain in balance.
  • Marquez sure as hell isn’t looking at Pac’s foot — if he did, he would regret it pretty quickly, I would imagine.
So no — I’m not convinced it’s intentional, but I’m open to hearing someone make a well-reasoned case that it was.  I just haven’t heard that yet.
UPDATE:  This comment from Facebook, from a knowledgable boxing person:  “If intentional, then a very smart tactic by Ignacio Beristain as it of sets Mannys immediate exit to angle after he throws, which is a common Pac-man trait (As it is among most of Freddies fighters, Amir Khan coming immediately to mind). Old school dirty boxing. Got to applaud it.”

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