Facebook Changes — Let the Whining Begin

Facebook Changes — Let the Whining Begin

Sorry, but does it seem like every time they make any changes on Facebook, the whining is so loud it just about drowns out any ability to appreciate the innovations that are being introduced? For the last couple of days I’ve been reading non-stop accounts of what’s wrong with the new changes. Really?

Here’s what I make of them:

1. Timeline: Cool, what’s not to like? A stream of info about you, makes it fun to add more about your life.

2. “Like” ain’t nothin’: No you can use Facebook Gestures to more than “Like”. Not sure how this will work in the long run.

3. Onetime Permissions: Used to be, apps had to ask every time they shared information about you in your profile. Okay with me, but I’m not paranoid about privacy (if I was I would just ignore FB and not use it).

4. Ticker: Hooray!!! This gives someplace for all the lightweight bs info to go without cluttering up your main wall. Farmville updates, Mafia Wars updates — u are banished to the ticker as well you should be.

5. Doing Stuff in FB You used to do elsewhere: Now you can do a lot of things inside Facebook that you used to do elsewhere. Watch TV’s Movies, other stuff — I’m neutral.

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