The just concluded promotional tour that saw Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez travel from Manila, to the US, then Mexico City, has prompted a flurry of articles (most, but not all, by Filipino writers) to the effect that Manny was welcomed with an open embrace by Mexicans, who showed him as much love as they did to their own Marquez in spite of his longstanding reputation as the “Mexecutioner” based on his emphatic beat-downs of practically the entire pantheon of Mexican boxing legends of the past couple of decades. Bob Arum says that what’s happening with Pacquiao worldwide, including Mexico, is much like what happened to Muhammed Ali at the peak of his personality. But then Arum is promoting the fight, so he can’t be believed. Michael Marley, a respected boxing writer but one who is pretty much in the Pacquaio camp (as am I, by the way) was on the trip and certainly his takeaway was that the Mexicans have lots of love for Pacquiao.  Who’s to be believed?

As I’ve been reading these articles, I’ve found myself wondering whether these are self-serving interpretations of what went on in Mexico, written by Pacfans, or whether the Mexicans really do have a soft spot for Manny, even when he’s fighting a Mexican. How can you find out what the real answer is?

But is there any way to get any kind of independent verification?

I went searching for an answer.

When in doubt — turn to “Mr. Google” and see what you can find, right? I started googling “Do Mexicans hate Pacquiao” and found a number of articles, most of which said no, they dont hate him — (they do hate Mayweather though) — but what I found most compelling was the answers to the “Do Mexicans Hate Paquiao” page on Yahoo Answers. This would seem to a reasonably unbiased “wisdom of the crowds” arrangement where people weigh on, others vote on the legitimacy of the answer, and the highest voted answers rise to the top. It’s not likely that Pacfanatics could hijack this page.

So — what is the verdict?

Do mexicans hate pacquiao? Here’s what Yahoo Answers has to say:

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I’m Mexican and i love Pacquiao, i hate the fact that he’s called the mexican assasin because he really hasnt taken them all out yet, i personally haven’t heard any Mexican speak badly of Manny because he fights the way Mexicans like to see and thats all-out-non-stop fighting, so if any Mexican says they hate Manny than trust me, they arent real boxing fans.
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ur right man

I have many mexican friends so everytime we talk about boxing we would talk smack to each other..but nothing personal really just for fun..but some people really takes it personally.. i know a lot of Mexicans who LOVES PACQUIAO! and respects him… but pacquiao is just doing his job..he HATES to be called the mexican assassin or he even brought morales with him to the philippines for a san miguel beer commercial! I just want to know whos really mad at pacquiao the mexicans in mexico or the mexicans here in america? lol i dont blame them I blame whoever called him a mexican assasin..probably the media..yea i blame the
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Im Mexican and I dont hate Pacquiao, why would I? Cause he beat Mexican greats? No, this is a sport. I like the way he fights, but to be honest most Filipinos are pacnuthuggers, thats all they think of, I have met some silly pac fans who want Pacquiao to fight Kelly Pavlik, can you believe that?
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Oscar C
Im Mexican and I Really respect and admire him and I wish I will be half the fighter he is, I guess people who talk smack about fighters and make it a race superiority issue are’nt real boxing fans,and the media calls him the Mexican assasin which adds to the whole race issue.Roger Mayweather called himself the Mexican Assasin until Julio Cesar Chavez Whooped his @$$ but he did sell out most of his fights.but I guess Pacquiao shows real honor and sportsmanship because he does’nt like being called that,I guess he would’nt sell as much PPV if there were’nt that much tension so I blame the media.
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I am Mexican-American and I love Pac Man.
He has a very aggresive style that all fight fans can appreciate.

It kinda sux that he beat Morales and MAB but if they were gonna lose, Im glad that it was to a true warrior like Pacquiao.
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if you know Mexicanos, you should know that they don’t hate you, unless you hate them first!
Pacquiao is a great athlete, so his Mexicano opponents! And none of those epic battles were grudge fights!
They showed greatness on, and off the ring, exremely fine example’s of athleticism and respect towards each other, so there’s no Mexicano have any hate towards Pacquiao!

let’s face it: it’s gringo’s who hate Mexicanos that’s why they will cheer anyone who beat a Mexicano (even Philipino, thou they are not fond of islanders either), and give such a messed up nicknames.
But this weekend Marquez will beat Pacquiao and relieve him from this messy nickname (trust me, deep down he will be happy)!
Anyways it’s gonna be one helluva night: best athlete’s of our time, going at it toe to toe!
Both Greats deserve tonns of respect!
that’s my 2 centavos…
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Probably but as they should. He has taken down some of their top contenders and will do so once again this weekend.
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A lot of all people hate the pacman, but I guess that just can’t be avoided. Fight fans vary, there are those who wants a fighter to win, and those who wants a fighter to lose.

Mexicans, naturally, wants their fighters to win. But that is not what is happening when the pacman is the opponent. By circumstances, he got to be called “Republica Enemigo Numero Uno”.

Mexicans root for a mexican fighter. That’s the natural and moral thing to do.

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yah, i think its about the media..

anyways, Lets go Pacman!!

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Mark-Andrew M
He has actually gained the respect of many Mexican fans after he beat two of their biggest stars of the past decade- Marco Antonio Barrera (twice) and Erik Morales (twice). There are always going to be some who are VERY patriotic and will want to see him lose, but for the most part, he has gained their respect by being able to beat so many of their top fighters in decisive fashion. This weekend’s fight should be great as well- we’ll see if Pacquiao can add Juan Manuel Marquez’s name to his list of great Mexican fighters that he’s beaten.
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Well seeing how Pacquiao obliterated Morales and Barrera, some of Mexico’s biggest names, I wouldn’t be too surprised if some of them had a disliking towards him. At the same time I know many who enjoys Pacquiao style of fighting.

Nobody, Mexican or otherwise hates Manny, the guy demands respect from true boxing fans of all ethnic backgrounds. I must admit though, I know a of no Filipino’s who are pulling for Marquez, they are almost unanimous in their support of Pacquiao. Manny did beat some true Mexican greats in Morales and Barerra, and in truth that fist round against Marquez wasn’t going the way most Mexican’s would have hoped. The label of “Mexican Assassin” doesn’t endear Manny to that ethnic group, but I don’t know of anybody hating Pac Man. It will be interesting to see if Manny can KO Juan Manuel this time around, or if Marquez can pick up where he left off in the first fight. The rest is media hype for a fight that really needs no hype.
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Maybe maybe not
4 years ago

One Response to Manny Pacquiao: Do Mexicans Hate Him, Love Him, or something else?

  1. Jason says:

    Manny Pacquiao can still fight in a very high level fight but it seems that he lost some steps compared when he was at his prime. Maybe he can still have two to three fights but he needs to be more careful and smarter. He will be 40 on December and when a fighter gets older, health is the biggest issue. We all know that at 40 boxer is already on the decline stage. He has nothing to prove because he was already a legend and he was once the face of the boxing. After a couple of fights maybe retirement is the best course of action.

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