Vin Scully, 83, to Return for Another Year with the Dodgers in 2012 — his 61st year of Dodger baseball

There’s only one reason to watch the Dodgers this year — it’s the incredible, soothing, oh-so-human voice of Vin Scully who has been calling Dodger baseball since 1950. That’s not a typo — it was 1950 when Scully as a 23 year went to work for the then Brooklyn Dodgers. Scully is unique on so many levels — not only in terms of longevity, but style and substance as well. He works alone, without a color commentator, and it makes you feel like he’s having a personal conversation with you about the game. At the age of 25 in 1955 he became the youngest broadacaster to call a World Series Game; he called Don Larsen’s perfect game; Sandy Koufax’s perfect game; and Kirk Gibson’s never to be forgotten World Series Homerun.

He made the announcement tonight in the 5th inning, unexpectedly, yet in typical Scully fashion, straight to the fans. Here it is. So glad he’ll be back for another year.

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