11th Grader Shree Bose Inspires Hope for the Future by Actually Advancing the War on Cancer

At a time when watching the news is just painful because of 24/7 coverage of the debt ceiling fiasco, Shree Bose popped up on a CNN report and totally inspired me with the story of how the 11th grader won the Grand Prize at the first ever Google Science fair with a Science Project that has actually advanced the war on cancer and will save lives.  How incredibly awesome is that?  Her project studied a particular chemotherapy drug and analyzed how cancer cells become resistant to the drug. She was able to isolate a protein that plays a role in the resistance, and devise a strategy for avoiding the problem caused by the protein. (That’s my rough translation — better to listen to Shree describe it below.  This was before she won — just one of the many contestants.  Now that she’s won, she’s doing interviews on CNN, etc, so google her and you may find something better.)

It is just so refreshing and encouraging to know that with all the dismal stuff going on, there are few people out there doing amazing things. Shree is one of them.

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