Dionne: Supreme Court Ruling Calls For Populist Revolt

The highly partisan 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court last week giving corporations the right to unlimited political spending is one of the most alarming decisions to come out of the court in decades. It threatens the integrity of the entire political system. E.J. Dionne has written articulately about the challenge in the Washington Post:

“Populism” is the most overused and misused word in the lexicon of commentary. But thanks to a reckless decision by Chief Justice John Roberts’s Supreme Court and the greed of the nation’s financial barons, we have reached a true populist moment in American politics.

The Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 decision last week giving American corporations the right to unlimited political spending was an astonishing display of judicial arrogance, overreach and unjustified activism.

Turning its back on a century of practice and decades of precedent, a narrow right-wing majority on the court decided to change the American political system by tilting it decisively in favor of corporate interests.

An unusually blunt headline in Friday’s print edition of The New York Times told the story succinctly: “Lobbies’ New Power: Cross Us, and Our Cash Will Bury You.”

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