Bahamas Update 2 – UNEXSO

by Michael D. Sellers

We spent the morning at UNEXSO, re-familiarizing ourselves with the surroundings and planning out which of the areas we will be wanting to use. It was great to be back with our dolphin friends — all are doing well and the two “babies” — Bryland and Salvatore — have grown up now and are big enough to be getting into scrapes with the adult males. We had a nice long opportunity to talk with head trainer Veronica Cucurrullo, and we’ll be meeting tomorrow morning with Marc Bauman, the overall COO of UNEXSO. (Veronica is head of Dolphin Experience, but UNEXSO has other divisions — regular diving, shark dives and research, etc.)

I’ve posted my photos from this morning at the following URL: UNEXSO Photos 4.12

That’s it for now. Lunch break is over. More later today or tomorrow morning.

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