At NATPE with MovieBank Team in Las Vegas

by Michael D. SellersI’m at NATPE  (National Association of Television Program Executives) with a small team from MovieBank and Quantum in Las Vegas for the next two days. This is a very useful and important conference which this year, more than in the past when it has been more focused on traditional television programming for the major studios, is focused on new media and internet studios as it relates to content production and dissemination. There are seminars and presentations going on all day every day and so we’re trying to be as alert as we can to all the possibilities.   It’s  a terrific opportunity to keep climbing up the learning curve as we get to the final stages of our pre-launch period for WeEarth. I will blog as best I can ‘on the fly’ and add more when I get back to Los Angeles on Friday.In the meantime, here is a link to the NATPE OFFICIAL SITE.(posted by iPhone)

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