by Michael D. SellersAs you know we’ve been working hard on our internet strategy for the next year as MovieBank and Quantum Entertainment work to keep up not only with the traditional studios, but also with internet studios.  Today I’m pleased to be able to start the process of unveiling it. As you know, our concept is to create an environmentally themed Web Portal which will include the main portal and an entire network of affiliated sites — the totality of which will represent both an exciting standalone project with excellent potential for profitability, and a means to amplify the audience for our series of environmentally themed movies starting with Eye of the Dolphin.The overall strategy begins with, which is a social network site that might best be described as “MySpace for the enviro-aware crowd”. Click on to go to the temporary page that is already up and gathering email addresses of those interested in joining. Here is a screenshot of what you’ll see there — but please go to the site so you can see it more clearly than on this thumbnail.WeearthgrabThis is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we’re doing — but it is something which genuinely has the potential to be very large. An important aspect of WeEarth which differentiates it from the “’s” of the world is that WeEarth doesn’t preach — it doesn’t have to. It assumes that there is a large and growing community of people who have come — many quite recently – to the realization that being environmentally aware and attempting to live in an environmentally responsible way is not a fringe or niche activity. It is something that needs to be as second nature as not littering.WeEarth has a ‘manifesto’ of sorts that is still being refined but goes something like this:At, here is what we believe: We are all in this together: We are connectedWe share a fragile planet with each other and all living things.We can find ways to live our lives in an environmentally responsible manner.We celebrate the incredible diversity of the Earth — Its people, places, wildlife, ideas.We celebrate honest self expression — blogs, music, film, artWe celebrate the human spirit and believe great things are possible When People ConnectWe celebrate life — and have a great time doing it!The tagline for the site is : “A Place to Connect…a Place to Learn …. a Place to Grow”.How big can this be? It’s difficult to say. If we are wrong and the world is not changing toward a much broader acceptance of environmental living, then it will be nice but not huge. If on the other hand we are onto something, if the global culture is at a tipping point in this direction, it could — a few short years from now — be huge. We’re going to try and make it be the latter. And the silver lining is, of course, that regardless of all that we’ll be doing good work that matters. But make no mistake — we do believe that we are onto something that can grow into something huge.

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