EOD Premiere Photos

From Michael Sellers

I’m just ducking in here between a couple of interviews…will write more later. The photos from the premiere are starting to go up on the wire service sites. It works like this. There are a half dozen services like Wire Image, Getty Images,etc — and the pics go up on these sites and then publications like People, Us, and all the entertainment pubs buy photos for the publications. We should be up on 3-4 of these sites sometime today.

Here’s a link to the first one. There are 6 or 7 pages of photos of all the celebrities who were there. We had a great turnout including Virginia Madsen who loved the film ….

This link is to the “front page” of Celebrityphoto.com, one of the major services, and right there on the front page you’ll see a pic of Carly and Virginia Madsen from the premiere, and then if you click on the link under their photo it will take to six pages of celebrity photos from the EOD Premiere.

Here’s the link to Celebrityphoto.com (the front page) and here’s the link to the EOD Premiere page

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