VIDEO: A Native Boat Builder in the Philippines builds a banca boat

VIDEO: A Native Boat Builder in the Philippines builds a banca boat

I’ve been trying to learn exactly how the fishing boats are built in Samar. So far I’ve learned that you start out with a hull (‘onayan’) and then you put in the vertical ribs (“ligasyon”), then one of two parallel to the water ribs (batayola) …. so then you have a hull and ribs…..then you put on a pamaraong — (the prow) . . the you put plywood using bronze nails . . . then epoxy . . . . then paint. . . .

Building a baloto or binigiw

But check out this great video — well shot, and shows the whole process from getting the hull from the forest, to launching the finished boat. I love the guy that’s building it.  His name is Trifon Dumaloan– totally reminds me of Rena’s father or, now that her father is 80, one of her brothers.  And kudos to the film-maker, YouTuber 1eleKtriK2MAYHEM.  Fine work by Justin Hill — a real film-maker.   I’m a fan.  Thank you for this.

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  1. I loved the video. The only thing I’m perplexed about is how ‘green’ the wood he used was. I’m not familiar with boat building but I always assumed wood had to be dried and seasoned before you built it into anything, otherwise you run the risk of major warping.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I loved that the guy taking the video kept the sounds free of any interview bits and letting just the sounds this boatmaker would hear on a typical day dominate as a background to the whole vid – what a great touch! Mang Trifon seemed to be lost in his own world while building his boat, too. 🙂 Oriole – if this can be of any help, check out – they’re based in Bohol. Good luck! 🙂

  3. very nice video… where in samar can i get in touch with the boatbuilder? any mobile numbers? address in samar? i am from tanauan leyte and currently looking for a boatbuilder… please, if by chance you’re free, i need help… thanks 09155311050 or you may contact me at

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