Rose Neely’s First Relief Shipment Reaches Bolusao, Samar – Gary Neely Reports

Rose Neely’s First Relief Shipment Reaches Bolusao, Samar – Gary Neely Reports

We just go a report earlier today from Tim Desmond, and now this from Gary Neely who along with Rose Neely has a micro-relief project to Bolusao, one of the coastal towns of Lawaan municipality in Eastern Samar.  You can visit their project and donate at this link: 

Update from Bolusao

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.02.23 PMRose’s parents have safely made it to Manila to be with her sister.  They came back with her brother and nephew who had gone down with the first emergency supplies a few days ago.  Her dad needed medical attention on his badly cut leg so they had to leave Bolusao for now. Rose was able to speak briefly with her mom for the first time since the disaster.  You could see and feel her relief. She still has 2 other brothers and numerous nieces and nephews remaining in the devastated Bolusao.

 We are arranging for another load of supplies to leave again in the next few days.  The trip now takes over 2 days one way because of the heavy traffic and congested ferries going to Eastern Samar from Manila.
Some of you have asked how we get the money to the Philippines.  We send it via Western Union directly to Rose’s sister in Manila and she arranges for the supplies to be bought and transportation arranged.  Her brother, brother in law, and nephew made the first trip and will probably go again.  It is comforting to us to know that it is family members doing the ground work.
Also Rose was called by an Australian radio station for a live interview last night.  It was arranged by Mike Sellers, her cousin’s husband in LA. They just wanted to talk to someone from here about their personal experience in dealing with this and how the fund raising is working. It was interesting and she did a fantastic job.
We should have more photos next post.

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