As Yolanda Exits the Front Page, A Filipino creates a heartbreaking video you must see

This morning for the first time since the storm hit, which I clicked my link to Google News the story of Typhoon Haiyan (Yoland) was no longer at the top of the page, and in fact I had to click on “Philppines” to find the stories. Google News aggregates the news automatically and puts articles at the top based upon the amount of coverage they are getting …. thus the overall volume of coverage of Haiyan/Yolanda has dropped. This is the beginning of the process by which the tragedy will gradually move out of the focus of the international media.

Meanwhile, this video was posted by Filipinos Abroad – Ramil T. Queroyla. I wish it would be required viewing for everyone in America and the developed countries.

Here is this morning’s Google News. Can click on it to see what Google news is showing now. See if you can find an article on Typhoon Haiyan or the Philippines.
Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.09.25 AM

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