The youthful Mayor of Giporlos, Mark S. Biong left his devastated town at 10am Friday via motorcycle and after more than 8 hours (on a trip that normally takes two hours) was able to get through to Tacloban even though the coastal road is impassable to anything bigger than a motorcyle (see pictures).  His trip took him through the coastal Eastern Samar towns of Balangiga, Lawaan (our hometown), Marabot, and Basey en route to Tacloban. He thus has the first real information to get out regarding these towns, particularly Giporlos, Balangiga, and Lawaan. The casualties:

  • In Giporlos, eighteen dead.
  • In Balangiga, thirty dead.
  • In Lawaan, eighteen dead.

Note that in Giporlos (his town), he breaks it down into those in the poblacion (town proper) and those in the outlying coasta barangays (villages)….but when speaking of the other towns, he doens’t make those distinctions and its unclear if the numbers refer to those dead in the poblacion only, or the whole municipality including the coastal barangays.

Here is the video, from

The report on the status of the different coastal towns starts at 4:33. Here is a transcript of the portion where he talks about the status of the other towns.

As of yesterday at 10 am when I left, in our town, 9 [dead], in the poblacion two .. no three, …. in Barangay Hingoso, which is a coastal barangay, two, then in one barangay, San Salvacion, four, four — one family there, in the church, even the church really … of course, the Waray Waray people are very tight on their religion so they thought the church is very … the lord will spare them …but the typhoon did not spare them . . and then … in Balangiga, my friend the mayor, Mayor Vizcoy, reported to me that there are thirty who died there, then the people in Lawaan, Eastern Samar, less than twenty, around eighteen or nineteen, I forgot…. I visited the two mayors (of Balangiga and Lawaan). I wanted to go to Quinapondan but it’s kind of out of the way. and I heard people from Guiuan, who passed by, and said there were many who died, but I’m not sure how many.

Here is a map showing all the places mentioned in the report. (Click to enlarge)
Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 10.22.32 PM

UPDATE:  Thank you for the more than 1,500 Facebook shares of the article above about Mark S. Biong.  Please help Mayor Mark get the word out about the conditions in Samar.

Because so many are coming to the post, I am going to add other information here at the bottom:


Eastern Samar Congressman is Tweeting Important Information

Pls follow Congressman Ben Everdone of the Lone District of Eastern Samar on Twitter @congevardone. He is tweeting regularly with good information. His latest tweet

Im on my way to Guiuan and other towns of Eastern Samar via Cebu and Tacloban coz air force choppers are there.

— Ben Evardone (@congevardone) November 10, 2013

He is also responding to direct tweets from constituents.  Please spread the word about this.


“Samar Updates After Yolanda”  — New Community on Facebook With Good Information

There is a new Facebook Community — Samar Updates After Yolanda.  It contains good information and if you are logged into Facebook, just click on the link and you can go there and get their news.


Eastern Samar Update — November 12, 2013

In an attempt to help spread the word about the status in Eastern Samar, we are going to provide Eastern Samar updates daily for the coming days.  These updates are current as of Nov 12 mid-day in the Philippines. As a rule, we are trying to find meaningful updates in social media that are not available to those outside of Facebook, Twitter, etc. When it seems useful to do so, we will also include updates from mainstream media.  Note that the Facebook links are all public — and if you are logged in to Facebook the links will take you to the source.  If you have any tips or news items for us, please send to or just use the comment form at the bottom of this (or any) post. 

 Second C-130 Flight Lands in Guian at 11:45 today

AFP, confirms C-130s landing on Guiuan at present time. Unloading emergency supplies for Eastern, Samar
Volunteer supply teams are now in Matnog area. Inboard for Borongan and Guiuan.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.16.43 PM

Source: AFP Central Command

Relief Goods Piling up in Guiuan — No Transport to Move Them

Bangon Guiuan “We have almost 100 tons of relief goods now but still no vessel to use. Very frustrating! Please help us!” Link:

Source:  Samar Updates: After Supertyphoon Yolanda

72 Pictures of Lawaan and vicinity

Total of 72 pictures taken of Lawaa-an and vicinity posted by Marvin Tiozon on Facebook.  Marvin also posted the following: ”URGENT NEED!! PAGKAIN PARA SA MGA TAO DUN !!” (Urgent!! Food for the people there!) …..Kung uuwi kayo ng lawaan eastern samar. Pagdara kamu hin damu nga foood amut kinanlanun yana nagdto….

Lawaan, Eastern Samar

Source: Marvin Tiozon via Facebook

Supplies Running Out in Calbayog

Thank you sa mga dumalo (18 lahat) sa emergency meeting kanina. Gist of the mtng: Calbayog mayor informed us that supplies are also running out in Calbayog. The Pres of Catarman Business Club assured us they have ample supplies we can purchase in Catarman. The van w/c will be going back from Lawaan may have to proceed to Catarman to buy food/other supplies.. Since there are goods donated and collected in Manila we will also look for a van to transport them. An LLO officer will accompany the van. If the van has still avlb space for more supplies (other than those already donated) more supplies will be bought to fill it. Target date of take off from Manila is Wed. If the rental of said van fr Mla to Lawaan is not too expensive the trip will be direct to Lawaan. Otherwise we may drop them off w/ Calbayog mayor’s office who is willing to provide transpo and security all the way to Lawaan. Whichever way we are assured of security escort from Catarman or from Calbayog.  Source: Lita Merro Cepe via sa Facebook

Security Alert:  Armed Gangs Confirmed on the Cabayog Highway

URGENT: Nov. 12, 2013 – 11:44am BAD NEWS: May mga highway bandits / thieves sa Calbayog area. Please be advised. Bandits dressed like soldiers. Please send help to guard the roads for supply groups.

Source: Riza Bianes via Samar Updates: After Supertyphoon Yolanda


From Samar Updates Please DO NOT travel alone. Regroup po muna lahat. Please consider. Travel in convoy of trucks or vehicles. Very dangerous kapag mag-isa lang. If possible, let us request the PNP to provide at least 2 police officers to accompany the convoy. Please consider the suggestions. Let us think it through. The supplies MUST reach the towns.  Source: Samar Updates: After Supertyphoon Yolanda

Relief Goods Headed for Eastern Visayas? (Or sitting in Manila?)

Piles of relief goods inside the DSWD Compound in Pasay City ready for delivery to the victims of Super Typhoon #YolandaPH. Pres. Aquino ordered the DSWD to rush the delivery and distribution of relief goods to the victims in the Visayas region.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.01.34 PM

 Source: Philippine Star via Facebook

Russia’s World Largest Cargo Plane Has Landed at Mactan

Antonov 225 from Russia has landed at Mactan.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.39.12 PM

Source: AFP Central Command


Bolusao Barangay Captain on Relief Run from Catbalogan

nkausap ko c babay obet, Brgy. Capt. of Bolusao hes on his way to catbalogan, capines road pwedi n agian hn 4 wheel ky gintakupan na kuno bsta hinay2 la nga biyahe so kung sino mn gusto umuwi n my sa2kyan pwedi na, need stin tubig,food,sabon,candila,water,bsta more on panga2ilangan pang araw2. nkisakay hya hn tga lwaaan nga van.  Source: Raquel Sagales Gagabuan via Facebook


Photo: Barangay 3, Poblacion, Balangiga  

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.45.59 PM
Source:Autonomo Sr Abellar Amano via Facebook

US Carrier Strike Group Heading to the Philippines for Typhoon Relief

WASHINGTON – The United States is sending the USS George Washington aircraft carrier and other ships to bolster relief efforts in the Philippines after a devastating typhoon killed thousands of people, U.S. officials said on Monday.

The Pentagon, confirming an earlier Reuters report about the deployment, said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had ordered the nuclear-power aircraft carrier and other ships “to make best speed for the Republic of the Philippines.”

The George Washington is now in Hong Kong and was expected to arrive within 48-to-72 hours, along with other ships, including guided missile cruisers and destroyers. The carrier was expected to depart in the coming hours. Crew were being recalled early from shore leave, the Pentagon said.

With some 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft, the George Washington brings enormous capacity to relief efforts.

Beyond serving a staging platform for flights, the carrier’s water distilling plants can produce 400,000 gallons (1.5 million liters) of fresh water per day, according to its website.

“As needed, these ships and aircraft will be able to provide humanitarian assistance, supplies, and medical care in support of the ongoing (relief) efforts,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said.

News of the ramped U.S. military assistance came as rescue workers in the Philippines tried to determine the full impact of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, which slammed into the country on Friday.

Officials in Tacloban, which bore the brunt of the typhoon, have said the death toll could be 10,000 in their city alone.

At least a dozen U.S. and Philippines military cargo planes arrived in Tacloban on Monday, with the Philippine air force saying it had flown in about 66 tons of relief supplies since Saturday.

An initial contingent of U.S. forces were already on the ground, with most operating out of Villamor Air Base in Manila, and a smaller group in Tacloban.

Accompanying the George Washington will be the cruisers USS Antietam and USS Cowpens and the destroyer USS Mustin.

The supply ship USNS Charles Drew is already under way and will rendezvous with the group as they get closer, the Pentagon said. The destroyer USS Lassen left yesterday for the region, officials said.

The George Washington also counts a carrier air wing on board with helicopters that can bolster disaster relief efforts, if required, officials said.  Source: ABS-CBN

Manila Surfers Helping Relief Drive for Guiuan

We may have been there only once, or we may have called it our second home. Either way, Guiuan, Samar has given us nothing but the fondest memories and the best waves. We’d like to come back soon and still see it as a surf paradise, but now more than ever, the people from our beloved surf town NEED OUR HELP. If you’d like to help us raise funds and collect donations for those affected by the typhoon, please come on Wednesday, 8pm at Hao in Jupiter, Makati. EVERYONE is welcome to join. Source: Manila Surfers Association






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  7. mariecris says:

    Hi pls im requesting to remove my message family is now ok.pls kindly remove coz it bears some personal info..thanks


    I’m looking for Tito L. Fabillar, if you have any information please reply. Any update from Cutikot town of Eastern Samar. Please help us, we dont have any contact with them or any news about them. Thank you

  9. Lawa-an Eastern Samar is my fathers home town. Sir, I just want to ask help para po malaman namin un kalagayan ng mga relatives namin sa Lawa-an. Until now wla p po kami news s knila. Ang mga EDRADAN FAMILY, GACITA FAMILY, GACHO FAMILY, DE PAZ FAMILY, EDER FAMILY.

    • Michael D. Sellers says:

      Merlinda….. I think they are all safe. Several people tell me they are “99% sure” all of them are safe, but are reluctant to say 100% that no one got hurt in any way. I can say definitely that they did not suffer any fatalities, as we have the list of fatalities — see below. I will try to find out more.

      Brgy. 02:
      Ricardo Clamaña, 50

      Brgy. 09:
      Encing Inciso, 62

      Marcelina Gabe, 78
      Ruben Borja, 57
      Renia Hugo, 40
      Rudy Litang, 66
      Paquito Plava, 62

      Cayetano Guino, 64
      Anacleto Sabadlab, 75

      Brgy. Maslog:
      Leonardo Elacion, 76
      Dexter Elacion, 15

      • mariecris says:

        Hi Michael, how can i contact you directly? hoping to remove my old comments but don’t have admin rights.. thank you..

  10. Merlinda Tanquion Edradan says:

    Lawa-an Eastern Samar is my fathers hometown. Until now wla pa po kmi news s mga relatives namin Lawa-an. 1st cousin po ako ni Elvira Gacho, dating mayor ng Lawa-an. I just want to ask help para po malaman namin ang mga kalagayan ng mga aunties, uncles at un iba pa namin relatives sa Lawa-an. Ang mga EDRADAN FAMILY, GACITA FAMILY, GACHO FAMILY, DE PAZ FAMILY, EDER FAMILY. Tnx in Advance.

  11. Merlinda Tanquion Edradan says:

    Lawa-an Eastern Samar is my fathers hometown. Until now wla pa kmi news sa mga aunties & uncles ko sa Lawa-an. 1st Cousin po ako ni Elvira Gacho, un dating Mayor ng Lawa-an. I just want u to ask help para malaman po namin un kalagayan ng mga EDRADAN Family, GACHO Family, GACITA Family, DE PAZ Family, EDER Family. Tnx in Advance.

  12. Ann says:

    Hi! I found your website while searching for news about Balangiga Eastern Samar and so thankful to have a glimpse of what happened to this place, for we haven’t heard any news about it. I have relatives in Balangiga, Valdenor family, and I would like to know if they’re ok. Thank you very much and God bless you.

  13. Vanessa says:

    If you have any news from Bacjao, Balangiga Eastern especially the Alvarina Family please let me know..pati rin po sa Parasanon, Pinabacdao Western Samar. We are really desperate sa mga waray waray tulungan nyo po kami..

  14. Adela Balderas says:

    ako po si adela,gusto ko pong malaman ang kalagayan ng kapatid,at mga kamag-anak ko dyan sa brgy cag-olango, balangiga eastern samar. EUFEMIA BAJO ESCALO and family po, salamat po ng marami.. sana po matugunan niyo po ang aking panawagan..

  15. Jin says:

    Thank you for this very useful site. I hope it is ok if I could ask for a little help. I just want to help our family friend, she has not received any texts or calls from her relatives from Barangay Veloso, marabot, Samar. The names of the missing persons are Wenefredo Nacman, Efren Nacman, and the Laboco Family. If anyone has heard of them, kindly text 09474058039 – Charlyn Nacman

    • Michael D. Sellers says:

      Hi Jin…working on it now. We have someone from Guinob-an who is in Catbalogan now and going back later today (tomorrow AM) …. he will pass by Marabot and can check. I will send you an email with more info.

  16. A Garcia says:

    Thank you for consolidating the updates. My grandmother was originally from Balangiga and has relatives still living there. If ever you get there, please help us know their situation. We haven’t received any news from them. Here are their names: Casiano, Epifanio, Dora and Ellen EBALLAR from Barrio Sta Rosa, and Victor and Victoria GARCIA and Kathy IGNAL-GARCIA of Poblacion 1. Please SMS me at 09363909455. My lola’s very worried. Thank you and God Bless.

  17. Loucille says:

    I also would like to ask for any information about Abing family in San Miguel, Balangiga Eastern Samar, until now we still do not have any news about their current situation. Please your response regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

  18. Loucille says:

    I also would like to ask for any information about Abing family in San Miguel, Balangiga Eastern Samar, until now we still do not have any news about their current situation. Please, your response regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

  19. Ara says:

    Please do post news about Giporlos. News is all about Tacloban. There are no information about other ruined towns. Hope that if ever there are relief goods you can bring also to Giporlos. Thank you. And please give any information about the Lacdao family if ever you have one

  20. Russel says:

    Need help please, I’m looking for my grandmother – Juanita M. Reyes (85) and uncles – Jimmy Reyes, Jim Reyes and Efren Reyes from Giporlos Eastern Samar. Up to now, we still dont have any updates 🙁 🙁 urgent help pls.

  21. Chris says:

    Hi, I hope you can go to Giporlos too. We have already exhausted all of the possible way to get info but still, until now, haven’t heard any yet. My relatives are Virginia, Segundina Macawile and Jun. Hope you can find a way to go there, please. Thanks

    • Chris says:

      *** UPDATE: My uncle handed a letter to someone and I received an sms just today informing us that they’re okay though their house has been washed out. They are seeking for help please because GIPORLOS is very isolated and they badly need help. Please.. I hope you can find a way to extend your help in the town of GIPORLOS.

  22. Timothy Holt says:

    Can anyone help we are looking for and any news on David Horton and his family, a British Expat who is living in Balangiga Eastern Samar.

    Facebook for Dave Horton here for pictures etc

    • Michael D. Sellers says:

      We have people going in to Lawaan and Balangiga and will look for him.

      • Timothy Holt says:

        Thankyou very much for your help his wifes family name is Romina Valasco i can be contacted on 0908 394 4779

        • Timothy Holt says:

          Just wondering if there are any updates on trying to find Dave Horton and his Asawa Mina Valasco?, its been nearly 5 days now and still no news or contact, everyone is very worried now as we know there is no aid there yet in Balangiga.

          • Timothy Holt says:

            Hi please is there any news on Dave Horton and his family. I,m in direct contact with his mother in the UK and she is beside herself with worry, also all of his family members, is there anybody in the area that can help locating him in Balangiga Eastern Samar? I own Paradise Radio 106, an internet radio station based in the Philippines which a lot of expats listen into, so any news would greatly be appreciated on any expats found alive and well.

      • aileen ramirez says:


      • aileen ramirez says:

        can u help us any update in balangiga eastern samar, if u have any news about ramirez family , my grand mother agrifina lim ramirez, my aunty norma ramirez,nilda ramirez, felinor ramirez , nicole bajar pls give me some information i highly appreciated .

  23. I’m Looking for julanie Turtal in Balangiga eastern Samar..pls contact my number any news of her.09058016931

    • Michael D. Sellers says:

      We will add julanie to the list and will alert you.

      • aileen ramirez says:

        can u help us any update in balangiga eastern samar, if u have any news about ramirez family , my grand mother agrifina lim ramirez, my aunty norma ramirez,nilda ramirez, felinor ramirez , nicole bajar pls give me some information i highly appreciated .

  24. good am! officemate po ako ni manong Proculo Aniano. We’re helping him get info about his daughter-in-law at balangiga, eastern samar. Marivel Cabosas po name nya and she’s with her two-year old son. Until now po wala pa syang nakakausap or info man lang if they’re ok…. let’s help him, please… he’s been sleepless since the typhoon… here’s his celphone no. po: 09176930097…maraming salamat po…

  25. good am! officemate po ako ni manong Proculo Aniano. Please help us get info about her daughter-in-law in Balangiga, Eastern Samar. MARIVEL CABOSAS po name nya and she’s with her two-year old son. Until now po wala pang na-contact si manong Prox na ka-pamilya nya and he’s terribly worried… he’s been sleepless since the typhoon struck…. please help us… thank you so much….

  26. sheryl basmayor wiggert says:

    Hi to the Mayor of Giporlos Eastern Samar!, sister po ako ni Randy Basmayor (wife: Gemma Odron, 6 kids). Vice Mayor in Giporlos Fritzie Odron kapatid sya ng wife ng Bro ko, hanggang ngayon di ko po cla makontak 🙁 please help me……

  27. Raymund says:

    Paki balita nman po kung anu ung condition ng kapatid ko dyan sa Brgy.81 Marasbaras Tacloban City.Ito po ung pangalan ng kapatid ko at asawa nya at anak.,MARLON D. LAYOS 36 Years old/ Ester Fernandez Layos 37 years old/ Kathleen Shane Layos 1year and 5months..paki tawagan nman po ako sa itong number pag may balita po kayo 09183397325.nag alala na po kami sa kanila…salamat po

  28. gladys viray says:

    pls, help us locate our families in Malobago,dolores eastern samar the families of
    Almira catabay…pls contact us or pm me please we are very worried becoz until now we can not contact them…

  29. Angeline escano neri says:

    I am looking for my lolo-bidong tiozon,uncle marlo tiozon and bis wife maricel cinco tiozon in marabot,as well as our relatives in palo leyte- aunti channie cinco…
    If you have any info about them…please let us know through 09066353244…
    Thanks and God bless…

  30. Angeline escano neri says:

    I am looking for my lolo -bidong tiozon,uncle-marlo tiozon and his wife-maricel cinco tiozon from marabot,..and our relatives in palo leyte-channie cinco…
    If you have info about them please let us know through 09066353244…thanks and God bless.

  31. Mila Garcia says:

    Any news about Catbalogan? I don’t see it in the map.

    • Michael D. Sellers says:

      Catbalogan was much better off than these towns — it’s about 80 miles to the north, on the West side of Samar. We were in touch with people who went there from Lawaan….cell service was working in Catbalogan and it’s much better there. It does not appear that there were any fatalities there, and roads are generally open, etc. This is not to say there was no damage — just that the damage is not catastrophic like in Tacloban and the coastal towns of Eastern Samar.

  32. nube says:

    balita po sa catarman east samar?

  33. Marife Dazo says:

    I would like to ask to pls update me if the following people are safe coz am very much worried of them: MARHIANNE GHAYLE DAZO ROSEL 6YRS OLD AND MARY CLAIRE DAZO ROSEL 5 YRS OLD. THEY ARE RESIDENTS OF BO. 54 MAGALLANES ST TACLOBAN CITY LEYTE. I need pls an update for these two kids. Thank you so much!

  34. beriah says:

    paki balita nmn po tungkol sa brgy salvacion kung. nndi nmn kc kmi mkauwe dhil wlng byahe at wla nmn clng cgnal ngaun. ndi cu alm kung buhay p mga kptid cu.
    pm nyo po acu kung my list n po kau ng mga nmty or missing s brgy nmen. salamat po.

  35. Irene Gaylon says:

    Please paki balita patungkol sa bacjao. Wla parin kaming communication sa aming pamilya. Ariel Gaylon ang isa sa mga kapatid ko. Gusto lang nmin malaman kong mga kapatid nmin ay ligtas cla. Dapat ang mga news casting crew ay mag kalat sa ibat ibang barrios. Hndi lang dapat sa mga city lang ang kanilang pag tuonan ng pansin.

  36. Salt says:

    Kadamo hit mga waray buot. Imbes nga bumulig hira pa it mga sarawayon. Mga kawatan nagkagawas diri iton excuse nga adi may kalamidad pwede kana mangawat or mawerhisyo hit imo igkasi tawo.

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