Film Recommendation: Go see "Day Watch"

by Michael D. SellersFor anyone interested in an incredible piece of unique film-making razzle dazzle, there is an extraordinary movie out there in a few cities now, and it will be going wider as the summer moves along. It’s called “Day Watch” — the second film in a projected trilogy by visionary (and I mean

Film Biz 101: Marketability vs Playability

by Michael D. SellersOne of my mentors in the business is Lenny Shapiro, a spry, delightful sixty-something guy who was formerly the head of Avco Embassy pictures “back in the day” when that company was a major theatrical player. Lennie is one of the most genuinely likeable people in the business — he’s got an

Visit with Kelli Schroeder, Carly's Mom

From Michael Sellers Kelli Schroeder, Carly’s mom, called today. It was the first time we’ve spoken since she and Carly left on the Gracie promotional tour, so we had a lot of catching up to do. I went over all the plans….she reiterated their support, and we did a lot of post mortems about Gracie.

Tech Note: Film Completion Using "Digital Intermediate"

by Michael D. SellersIn many discussions about Eye of the Dolphin, the term “Digital Intermediate” comes up, and needs to be explained. So here’s an explanation:Goodbye America, Legacy, Vlad, and Karla were all shot on 35MM film and completed during post production using traditional techniques that include physically cutting the negative, creating dissolves and titles

Film Biz 101: Anatomy of an Indie Film Release

 by Michael D. SellersWith the theatrical release of MovieBank Studios and Quantum Entertainment’s  Eye of the Dolphin looming, many are asking questions about the whole release process. Following is a rundown on what is typical for an indie theatrical release on the level that we are carrying out.BookingTheater bookings are accomplished either by using in-house