Philippine-American War: The War They Don't Teach in US Schools (Scroll down to view documentary)

As an American I was never taught anything whatsoever about the existence of a little thing called the Philippine American War. This is a part of American history that, for whatever reasons, our American History courses in school tend to ignore, and which in America is only known about by diplomats, academicians, journalists, and people who have a connection the Philppines.

"My Way" Karaoke Killings in the Philippines

Various news outlets are reporting that Philippine authorities have identified approximately a dozen ‘karaoke rage’ killings in the Philippines over the last decade that were triggered by the singing of the Paul Anka penned Frank Sinatra hit “My Way”. As a result of this, they say, many establishments have taken “My Way” off the menu of songs available to sing in Philippine karaoke bars.