The Power of One Punch by Chuck Culpepper

Thanks to my pal Gary Neely for finding this and forwarding it to me.  Culpepper is a thoughtful sportswriter and his reflections on the last effects of Pacquiao-Marquez 4 are spot on.   The Power of One Punch by Chuck Culpepper in SportsonEarth What a weird Las Vegas hangover, even if it does lack a

Pacquiao’s First Words After KO: Buboy, Where Are You

Via Inquirer News Hollywood—The cord that binds Manny Pacquiao and Buboy Fernandez is flexible and unbreakable. They were so close that the first words Pacquiao uttered upon regaining consciousness after getting knocked out cold by Juan Manuel Marquez were: “Boy nasan ka (Buboy where are you?).” Fernandez, Pacquiao’s childhood buddy was right beside him, holding his head

Remembering "Mang Rudy" Montecajon

Another friend who was a big part of my film-making  journey in the Philippines has passed unexpectedly and far too soon.  “Mang Rudy” Montecajon would have been 64 today.  He was an editor who was recommended to me when I was making my first international movie in Manila — a film called “Rage” and eventually

Pacquiao-Bradley: A second viewing with round by round judges cards, round by round press row cards and round by round compubox stats

It’s Sunday afternoon, 18 hours after Pacquiao-Bradley ended in a controversial split decision.  I’ve been gathering and studying the round by round “returns” all day — first the official judges scorecards, then the available Press Row unofficial scorecards, then the Compubox round by round stats.  I’ve loaded everything into a spreadsheet; I’ve got the DVR’d

Roach: Bradley was Pacquiao's "best fight since the Cotto fight"; a look at the official scorecards

Speaking of the judges who controversially awarded Timothy Bradley a split decision over Manny Pacquiao last night in Las Vegas, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach said: “I think they had their eyes closed. What everyone else saw and what they saw are two different things.”  Roach said he was proud of Pacquiao : “I thought we

Pacquiao's Bizarre Split Decision Loss to Bradley difficult to understand; watch video highlights of the fight; Updates

FOURTH UPDATE:  Here are ESPN’s video “highlights” of the fight, which Bradley won by split decision (although the highlights don’t seem to tell that story.) Manny Pacquiao lost a bizarre split decision to Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas tonight, in a fight that saw Pacquiao never in trouble and never threatened and in which Pacquiao

There was something about Bodjie…..

The word came last night around midnight – Rena was in the bedroom and I was still in the living room with my laptop  when she shouted (and Rena never shouts) “Honey, there’s a text from Ann. Namatay si Bodjie.” I felt like I’d been karate kicked in the gut. Bodjie? BODJIE? I couldn’t believe

Boxing Scene: Pacquiao says Mayweather offered $40m flat fee, no share of PPV or Gate

Boxing Scene is reporting that according to WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, he was treated like an opponent during last week’s infamous telephone call with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Pacquiao claims he was offered a $40 million dollar guarantee – but nothing further- for a welterweight mega-fight on May 5th at the MGM Grand in Las

Video: Bungee cord that snapped, almost killing Australian tourist, was frayed and unraveling along its entire length

The video of a near tragic bungee jump accident that almost took the life of an Australian tourist in Zambia last week reveals unequivocal negligence by a bungee jump operator who blatantly ignored warning signs that the rope was far beyond it’s safe use period. Everyone involved is lucky that the tourist on the cord

AP: "It's more fun here", Philippines is telling foreign visitors–"but don't go, Al Qaida will get you!" (according to AP)

The Associated press has published an article citing the new “It’s more fun in the Philippines” social media campaign of the Philippine Department of Tourism. Here’s the website for the campaign, and here’s the full text of the article, which has something in it near the end that irritates me mightily. My comments follow the

Whale Wars : Where it all began in 1975

Lately there have been a spate of reports about Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd as they confront Japanese whalers near Antarctica.  It reminds me of something I want to write about at some point.  In  1978 I spent a year working for Greenpeace in San Francisco, inspired by the 1975 dramatic confrontation between Greenpeace