Memory Lane at Tribeca

by Michael D. Sellers Of all the festifvals we’ve had films in, Tribeca is probably the best and it was a real experience to go there for the Eye of the Dolphin screenings, especially for me. That’s because it was the first trip back to New York in twenty-odd years (won’t say exactly how many)

What Does A Producer Do?

by Michael D. Sellers If there is one question that I get asked more often than anything else during my work at MovieBank and Quantum Entertainment — it’s “What, exactly, does a producer do?” Imagine working as hard as we all do…..if you’re a doctor, an attorney, an architect, a deep sea diver — people

FilmBiz101: The Box Office Dollar

by Michael D. Sellers So … how does a box office dollar get broken down?Well – there are different splits so there is no single formula. For example, when studios release blockbusters like Spiderman or Shrek, they negotiate a split that is very favorable to the distributor (the studio) in the first weeks, then swings