John Sayles' Philippine-American War Drama "Amigo" is finally in US Theaters : Will this finally put the Philippine American War on America's historical radar?

“At the turn of the 19th Century, the United States declared war on Spain. This conflict brought them to another nation, halfway around the world, where they decided to stay. PHILIPPINES 1900″  Thus starts the trailer for John Sayles latest film “Amigo”, a fictionalized account of the true story of the Philippine-American War — a

With Big TKO Win Over Sidorenko, Donaire Looking More and More Credible as Pacquiao Heir Apparent

The boxing blogs are buzzing this morning with discussion about “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire’s 4 round demoltion of 4th round TKO victory of Ukrainian Wladimir Sidorenko in a battle for the WBC Continental Americas bantamweight title at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California yesterday. Donaire had Sidorenko on the canvas three times in four rounds

The Pacquiao Effect and Philippine Tourism

The Inquirer has an article that they picked up from the Cebu Daily News by Malou Guanzon Apolisok on the The Pacquiao Effect and whether or not it’s a good idea to have Pacquiao as the country’s tourism ambassador, as has been proposed in Congress. Having spent some considerable time and effort back in the

Videos of Old Manila

I wrote a post over the weekend on the Philppine American War, and this got me to thinking (and hence googling) looking for videos of old, colonial Manila. Here is a compilation of the videos I found.  Great stuff.  

Philippine-American War: The War They Don't Teach in US Schools (Scroll down to view documentary)

As an American I was never taught anything whatsoever about the existence of a little thing called the Philippine American War. This is a part of American history that, for whatever reasons, our American History courses in school tend to ignore, and which in America is only known about by diplomats, academicians, journalists, and people who have a connection the Philppines.

5. Earliest Childhood, Two Near Tragedies

Growing up as I did in our tiny seaside village, no electricity, no roads, no running water — i could never have, even in my wildest possible dreams, imagined where life’s journey has taken me. But I want to make sure that I never forget where the journey started, and how I grew up in a world so different from the one I am part of today…..

Pacquiao-Margarito: What We Can Learn From The Humility, Empathy, and Grace of Manny Pacquiao

Another Pacquiao fight — another drubbing of a much larger opponent, and Pacquiao’s legend as a boxer grows. But the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito produced not just a memorable pay-per-view experience worth every penny of the $64.95 it cost — it produced, for this observer at least, moments of clarity that helped

Remembering My True Friend Rufo Balicas

Reprinted from One of the great icons of Philippine film-making and a true friend of mine has died. Rufo Balicas is gone. Every time I hear some contrarian talk about how Facebook seems to be a waste of time I find myself getting just a tiny bit angry — because it’s thanks to Facebook

2. Daughter of Lawaan: Origins of Lawaan

by Michael D. Sellers To understand the world that Rena grew up in, it helps to understand what that world evolved from. So she has agreed to let me write a page on the origins of Lawaan, and one on the Philippine American War and American colonial period in the Philipplnes to set the stage.

1. Daughter of Lawaan: Before We Begin

Foreword by Lorena Sellers I was born Lorena Llevado, the daughter of Tarcila and Loreto Llevado. I grew up in the seaside barangay of Guinob-an, municipality of Lawaan, in Eastern Samar, Philippines. At 19 I left home and went to live in Manila–and then when I was 21, I met an American named Michael Sellers

Good Friday in the Philippines Is a Complicated Event

Today is Good Friday, which means if you google “good friday philippines” you’ll come up with hundreds of stories about the annual ritual in which dozens of Filipino Catholics are nailed to the cross (real nails, right through their hands) in a reenactment of Jesus’ suffering.

"My Way" Karaoke Killings in the Philippines

Various news outlets are reporting that Philippine authorities have identified approximately a dozen ‘karaoke rage’ killings in the Philippines over the last decade that were triggered by the singing of the Paul Anka penned Frank Sinatra hit “My Way”. As a result of this, they say, many establishments have taken “My Way” off the menu of songs available to sing in Philippine karaoke bars.

60 Minutes to Do a Piece on Pacquiao

ccording to Top Rank President Bob Arum, the longrunning CBS news icon 60 minutes will begin taping a segment on Manny Paquiao this week, following the Filipino pound-4-pound king as he trains at Freddie Roach’s Wildcard Gym in Hollywood in preparation for his March 13 bout with tough Ghanian Joschua Clottey in Jerry Jones’ Cowbody Stadium in Dallas.

Surviving Umiyak Pati Langit – My First Film (Part 2)

here are times in life when the ridiculousness of what is going wrong rises to a level where you just have to shake your head and grimly hang on. This was one such a moment. I could feel the blood rushing to my head as I thought about the financial train wreck that was about to happen — but the more immediate problem of getting Lorna to the hospital provided a sort of respite. Sometimes there are things that come along which just pretty much demand your full attention — this was one.