Rare pair of Philippine Eagles spotted in Apayao

The Philippine Star is reporting multiple sightings of a pair rare Philippine eagles and their offspring on Apayao. The eagles were seen on November 6, 8, and 19. Photographs taken represent the first photos of Philippine eagles ever taken in the Cordillera administrative region.

Mayweather Taunts Pacquiao — Wants May 5 Fight

Floyd Mayweather has called out Manny Pacquiao, claiming he’s ready to fight the Filipino on May 5, 2012. In a video linked to Mayweather’s Twitter feed, Mayweather had this to say: “I’ve been told May 5 is open,” he said. “Losing is in Pacquiao’s mind because he lost just last week. He lost to Marquez

Documentary: Spanish American War and the Philippines

A Youtube user named “tierraboricua” has edited a lengthy documentary on the Spanish American War into five digestible episodes dealing with the Philippines. I’ve gathered them all together into a single blog post so they are easy to find and view. There is some excellent archival footage of the Philippines and the Philippine-American War in

Dear Juan Manuel Marquez (Followup Letter)

Dear Juan Manuel Marquez, First, thank you for your consideration given to my previous letter, written after your November 12 trilogy fight with Manny Pacquiao (Dear Juan Manuel Marquez).  The reason I’m writing a second time is that Don Donatello  has written a good article in Now Boxing which I would like to refer to

List of Finalist for 2011 Philippine Blog "Blogger's Choice" Awards Announced

The 2011 Philippine Blog Awards (http://philippineblogawards.com.ph) announced today the finalists for the “Bloggers Choice” Awards category among Fililpino Bloggers.     ARMIE YUSON (http://armieyuson.blogspot.com/) Bluecloud’s Confessions (http://bluecloud1003.blogspot.com/) Jerry Polence: Filipina Cosplayer (http://www.polence.com/) Empowerment in just 1 click (http://empoweredgrace.blogspot.com) Mykiru Isyusero (http://mykiru.blogspot.com) Libre Lang Mangarap! (http://otep.wordpress.com) Biyaheng Pinoy (http://biyahengpinoy.blogspot.com/) ALAS FILIPINAS (http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com) Pop Reviews Now (http://popreviewsnow.blogspot.com)

A warrior-poet who honored his enemy, fallen and forgotten in Mindanao in 1913, remembered a century after his death

Those fallen in battle on either side of a conflict always have a story, and most of those stories are quickly lost and soon forgotten.  One story worth remembering of a hero who understood and honored his enemy is that of Lt. Ernest H. Johnson, a Nebraska volunteer who, like many American adventurers at the turn

An Everyday Hero Emerges — an American husband who wants to learn Tagalog! (Why aren't there more?)

In all the years I’ve been involved with the Philippines I can count on the fingers of one hand (more like the fingers of one finger) the number of American husbands of Filipina wives who learned to speak Tagalog (or, to be politically correct, “Filipino”). And, looking beyond those Americans with Filipina wives, there are

Aquino vows stronger efforts against corruption

With his predecessor under arrest and charged with poll sabotage, Philippine President Noynoy Aquino today vowed to strengthen government efforts to root out corruption in the Philippines.  Aquino made remarks at the 75th Anniversary celebration of the National Bureau of Investigation.   Aquino acknowedged he is coming under criticism for his efforts, but said:  ” My

Philippines: COMELEC files poll sabotage case against former President Arroyo

BREAKING NEWS: The Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) an hour ago filed poll sabotage charges against former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, making her the first former President of the Republic to face charges. Under PHilippine law “poll sabotage” is a non-bailable offense. The government also moved to place a hold departure order on Arroyo,

With Big TKO Win Over Sidorenko, Donaire Looking More and More Credible as Pacquiao Heir Apparent

The boxing blogs are buzzing this morning with discussion about “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire’s 4 round demoltion of 4th round TKO victory of Ukrainian Wladimir Sidorenko in a battle for the WBC Continental Americas bantamweight title at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California yesterday. Donaire had Sidorenko on the canvas three times in four rounds

The Pacquiao Effect and Philippine Tourism

The Inquirer has an article that they picked up from the Cebu Daily News by Malou Guanzon Apolisok on the The Pacquiao Effect and whether or not it’s a good idea to have Pacquiao as the country’s tourism ambassador, as has been proposed in Congress. Having spent some considerable time and effort back in the

Videos of Old Manila

I wrote a post over the weekend on the Philppine American War, and this got me to thinking (and hence googling) looking for videos of old, colonial Manila. Here is a compilation of the videos I found.  Great stuff.  

Good Friday in the Philippines Is a Complicated Event

Today is Good Friday, which means if you google “good friday philippines” you’ll come up with hundreds of stories about the annual ritual in which dozens of Filipino Catholics are nailed to the cross (real nails, right through their hands) in a reenactment of Jesus’ suffering.

"My Way" Karaoke Killings in the Philippines

Various news outlets are reporting that Philippine authorities have identified approximately a dozen ‘karaoke rage’ killings in the Philippines over the last decade that were triggered by the singing of the Paul Anka penned Frank Sinatra hit “My Way”. As a result of this, they say, many establishments have taken “My Way” off the menu of songs available to sing in Philippine karaoke bars.

60 Minutes to Do a Piece on Pacquiao

ccording to Top Rank President Bob Arum, the longrunning CBS news icon 60 minutes will begin taping a segment on Manny Paquiao this week, following the Filipino pound-4-pound king as he trains at Freddie Roach’s Wildcard Gym in Hollywood in preparation for his March 13 bout with tough Ghanian Joschua Clottey in Jerry Jones’ Cowbody Stadium in Dallas.