21-23 Weekend Box Office Wrap: Avatar Passes Titanic For # 1 Foreign Take, Other Records Fall

The Avatar juggernaut continued to roll during the 21-23 January weekend, and now with the actuals out it is confirmed that James Cameron’s sci-fi epic logged a U.S. gross of $34.9m (we had predicted $34m), off only 18 percent from the previous week — a pace that is in line with Titanic’s trend at the same point in its release and the lowest dropoff by far of any wide releases currently in theaters.

Producers Guild Picks "Hurt Locker" as Best Film, Snubbing Avatar and Throwing Oscar Race Into Confusion

When Avatar picked up Best Picture and Best Director at the Golden Globes, it seemed likely that the march to coronate Avatar as Best Picture was one — but last night the Producers Guild gave its top honor to Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker” and this, plus the Screen Actor’s Guild also ignoring Avatar (not a surprise) leaves the Oscar race for Best Picture in a state of confusion.

Avatar Posts $36m For Jan 21-23 Weekend; Passes The Dark Knight and Moves in 2nd Position in All-Time US Box Office Gross

UPDATE 12:00PM PST: Fox has just announced that Titanic, with it’s Saturday overseas take, has passed Titanic as the all-time #1 in terms of overseas gross. The James Cameron mega-budget blockbuster rolled up an overseas cume through Sunday of $1.288 billion, exceeding by $46 million “Titanic’s” 13-year international boxoffice record of $1.242 billion.” END UPDATE

Notes On a 4th Viewing of Avatar

Yesterday being the first Saturday since August with no football games to watch, and the new crop of films being relatively uninspiring, my wife and I decided to take in an Avatar matinee at the nearest IMAX.  We arrived an hour early and were the first in line — didn’t expect that — but then

Avatar Takes in $4,190,947 on Tuesday, Shows No Sign of Losing Steam

The Tuesday box office actuals are out and Avatar took in $4,190,947 out of a total top ten Box Office for the day of $11,640,436, for a 36% share of the top ten box office. Both the gross number and percentage share are consistent with what now appears to be Avatar’s inevitable march toward Titanic’s all-time US record of $600M.

Prediction: Avatar to Bring in $45M for the Jan 15-17 Weekend

It’s Friday again and Avatar weekend box office prediction time is here.  Last weekend most predictions were in the low to mid $40m range.  Avatar was initially reported to have done $48.5M; this was subsequently upgraded to $50.3m.  I had predicted $53M so I was close, but a little bit over. What about this weekend? 

Avatar Posts $4.7M on Wednesday, Passes Shrek 2 and is Now #4 All Time US Box Office Gross

Avatar grossed $4.7 million on Wednesday, Jan. 13, according to figures released at Box Office Mojo. Compared to Tuesday, its earnings dropped by only 6.4 percent. After 27 days out, James Cameron’s ecologically conscious sci-fi adventure has taken in a remarkable $445.7 million at the domestic box office. Avatar is now #4 on the all-time domestic box-office chart (not adjusted for inflation or higher 3D/IMAX ticket prices) It will surely be #3 by Monday, ahead of George Lucas‘ Stars Wars ($460m).

Is Avatar Box Office Success Exaggerated?

As Avatar continues its march up the all-time box office charts, the chorus of critics of Cameron’s sci-fi epic seem increasingly anxious to minimize its achievements.  This is no surprise.  After all,  the film sits out there as a giant target to take shots at. In the realm of “ways to minimize Avatar’s achievement” is

Karla Movie Site Is Up

The film Karla is a true crime story about the notorious Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo — Canadia couple who raped and murdered some young teens.

Avatar Tuesday Box Office: Holds Steady, Posts Another $5,066,734

Tuesday box office numbers are in, and Avatar held steady at $5,066,734, bringing its US total to $441M, just $200,000 behind Shrek 2 which will be the next rung on the ladder for Avatar, leaving only Star Wars ($460m), Dark Knight ($533M), and Titanic ($600M) ahead of Cameron’s sci-fi epic

Is Avatar Racist?

Commentary looking at the charges that Avatar is “racist” because it presents a “white messiah” who leads the Na’Vi to victory.

Avatar Monday Gross: $5.11M, Moves Up From #7 to #5 All Time US Gross

Avatar continues to roll; Monday the Cameron Sci-Fi Epic clocked $5.11M on Monday, notching 44% of the total Box Office Gross for the day of $11M. Avatar also moved past #6 All-Time Star Wars: Episode 1 and #5 E.T: The Extra Terrestrial to land in #4 All Time US Box Office.

Avatar Weekend Box Office: More Records Fall

Avatar’s weekend performance of $48.5M US Domestic Gross has carried James Cameron’s Sci-fi epic past a variety of new milestones as if flexes its muscles and continues to demonstrate that it will eventually surpass Titanic as the #1 All Time Box Office Hit.

Avatar Box Office: Cameron's Epic Now #10 All Time In Domestic Gross, and #2 All Time Globally after $6m Thursday Receipts

The Thursday Box Office Figures are out and James Cameron’s Avatar racked up an impressive $6,094,445, pushing it $270,000 ahead of Revenge of the Sith to claim the Number 10 All-Time Domestic Box Office Position with Gross To Date after only 21 Days of $380.5M.  Titanic through 21 Days had grossed $169M, extending Avatar’s “same