Borowitz: Falling in Polls, Romney considers adultery

The satirical Borowitz Report is reporting that Mitt Romney is currently huddled with his advisors considering a “bold strategy” of a high profile extra-marital affair in order to compete on more equal terms with former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, who has blown past Romney in the latest polls.

Freddie Roach in Boxing Hall of Fame

One of the really truly “good guys” in sport has been given an award that he deserves: Freddie Roach is in the boxing Hall of Fame. Widely considered as the finest trainer in boxing today, Roach has been elected to the 2012 class of the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF). 12 others made the

Last Day Dream — A Compelling Short Film

A friend sent me this link and I’m sharing it.  Very compelling short film (very short) called “Last Day Dream” by acclaimed director Chris Milk.  Most likely after you watch it once you’ll “get it” and want to watch it again.  Enjoy.

Really? Is This A Fair Description of Manila?

I put this out there once before but I’m going to do it again because every time I read this I get pretty seriously cranky. This is a description of Manila from Gary Allen Poole’s biography “Pacman: Behind the Scenes with Manny Pacquiao”: “…Manila, the decaying capital of the Philippines. It’s one of Southeast Asia’s

The New John Carter Trailer

Wow, I wasted a whole evening ranting about how lame the new John Carter Trailer was, based on the very lame piece of x%&# that they showed on GMA this morning. But ….my prayers are answered. 18 hours later the ACTUAL new trailer is out and it is much, much better. What gives? What the

Rare pair of Philippine Eagles spotted in Apayao

The Philippine Star is reporting multiple sightings of a pair rare Philippine eagles and their offspring on Apayao. The eagles were seen on November 6, 8, and 19. Photographs taken represent the first photos of Philippine eagles ever taken in the Cordillera administrative region.

Philippine Newsfeed — Top Stories 11/30/2011

A roundup of Philippine news taken from Philippine and international publications.  Click “Continue Reading” to access the full feed.  Stories include updates on GMA detention; an international analysis of Chinese/Philippine relations, and 30 other articles.

Mayweather Taunts Pacquiao — Wants May 5 Fight

Floyd Mayweather has called out Manny Pacquiao, claiming he’s ready to fight the Filipino on May 5, 2012. In a video linked to Mayweather’s Twitter feed, Mayweather had this to say: “I’ve been told May 5 is open,” he said. “Losing is in Pacquiao’s mind because he lost just last week. He lost to Marquez

If "Kolaveri di" isn't in your vocabulary, it will be soon; quirky Tamil song ("Tamglish", actually) goes mega viral

Tamil singer Dhanush and a group of Indian producers and writers have produced a song in “Tamglish” that has gone viral in a major way. What does Kolaveri mean? Even Tamil listeners are asking. has been nice enough to provide a definition. According to the website kolaveri means — “A strong urge to kill

Dear Juan Manuel Marquez (Followup Letter)

Dear Juan Manuel Marquez, First, thank you for your consideration given to my previous letter, written after your November 12 trilogy fight with Manny Pacquiao (Dear Juan Manuel Marquez).  The reason I’m writing a second time is that Don Donatello  has written a good article in Now Boxing which I would like to refer to

So, what really happened on the Pakistan border incident in which NATO killed 28 Pakistani soldiers?

Twelve hours after the first reports of a horrific friendly fire incident along the Pakistan border, the question What really happened? remains largely unanswered, but tidbits are beginning to emerge.  In the early hours one news source, the UK’s Guardian newspapers, was alone in reporting that NATO forces had fired in response to incoming fire

Elections 2012 : Today's Surprise endorsement of Gingrich could be a watershed moment in the 2012 Republican Presidential race

For most casual observers, the 2012 campaign to date has been little more than background static, but the surprising endorsement today of  former House Speaker Newt Gingrich by the prestigious Manchester Union Leader newspaper in key first primary state New Hampshire rises to the level of something that even casual observers should notice.  New Hampshire