Maine Mendoza is More Searched than Yaya Dub — Google

Maine Mendoza is More Searched than Yaya Dub — Google

For me there was never any doubt — Maine Mendoza fascinated me as a self-made internet star whose dubsmash genius includes not only what she does in front of the camera — but what she does with the camera as well. I was fascinated by all the characters; by her fearless willingness to present herself in a non-sexy, non-attractive way — something you don’t often see in someone who has beauty-queen good looks to begin with. I am intrigued by the intelligence she displays in putting together the dubsmash pieces.

That’s not to say I’m not also intrigued by what and the Eat Bulaga brain trust have done with Yaya Dub.

But enough about what I think. Google Philippines has tweeted out some stats that show that AlDub Nation is, like me, more intrigued with Maine Mendoza than Yaya Dub … or at least there are more searches for Maine than Yaya…..check it out:

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