Warriors of Samar

Warriors of Samar

Warriors of Samar is also available via Amazon at this link — but as with Daughters of Samar, we decided to make it available to read online so if you go to Warriors of Samar, you can read it there. It’s the story of the Balangiga Encounter, told exactly as it happened,  and it attempts to portray both perspecti ves, American and Samareno, as honestly and fairly as possible.   It’s not too long — only about 120 pages. You can also learn more about the Balangiga Encounter if you read this post — The Balangiga Massacre, 114 Years Ago Today — and finally a highly recommended source for a fair, in-depth analysis is Bob Couttie’s book Hang the Dogs.

From the Author



The Story

American Prologue: The News

Philippine Prologue: The Letter

The Americans Arrive



Bumpus and Betron

Lukban and Daza

The Samarenos Prepare

Eve of the Attack

The Attack

The Counterattack




The Bells

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