Video: A Touching Thank You From Filipinos to the World

Video: A Touching Thank You From Filipinos to the World

This very touching and heartfelt video was shown Friday night, December 6, during a thank-you dinner to honor the foreign volunteers who are helping in the Yolanda / Haiyan relief at the Cebu Provincial Capitol Social Hall. It contains some of the most evocative photos I’ve seen — and some wonderful bits and pieces that capture the Filipino spirit in interesting ways. The video is a compilation of photos, videos posted online, and includes shots by the video’s creator Raymond Aquino. Many thanks to Raymond Aquino. I find the video very moving because of the generosity of the Filipino spirit that it embodies. It’s difficult in times like this for victims to find such reservoirs of compassion — but the people in the video do it. I would just add that the foreign effort, while worthy of thanks, is part of a larger effort that is really defined by the Filipino grassroots efforts undertaken by Filipinos in Manila and abroad. Many thanks to Raymond Aquino for the video.

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  1. “Thank you to all of the countries who helped the Filipinos in time of desperate need we will forever be in your debt and we will never forget…”

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