A Picture That Hurts

A Picture That Hurts

I came across this post on Facebook and couldn’t stop looking at the picture. The elements are just somehow connected in such a way as to say it all … the mother, the daughter being held so close, the statue, the faces covered to protect from the stench of death, the dog . . .the rubble… the trimmed hair and Calvin Klein t-shirt reminding us that this distressed mother is not part of some remote “other” world — she’s part of our world, the so-called modern world, and look what shes dealing with. When a picture comes together in this way — it’s what they give Pulitzer Prizes for. I hope it impacts people the way it impacted me.

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  • Gary Neely

    November 15, 2013 at 3:05 pm Reply

    Mike this would not open at all

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