Couple married 72 years dies holding hands

Couple married 72 years dies holding hands

Those who drop in around here occasionally know that I’m a mega-happy and lucky husband who finally got one thing right in his life and that’s the most important one — finding the right person to spend life with.  From time to time thoughts of how it all ends comes to mind, and Rena and I talk about strategies…….then along comes a story like this one, about Gordon and Norma Yeager.  Seems they were married 72 years, and were in a car accident recently.  They ended up in ICU beds that were pushed together so they could hold hands, which they did, right up to the end.  Gordon died an hour before Norma …. but his heartbeat continued to register on the heart monitor because it was picking up her heartbeat.

Awww…..seriously — can I arrange something like that?

Read about it here: Long Married Couple Dies Holding Hands.

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