Avatar Takes in $4,190,947 on Tuesday, Shows No Sign of Losing Steam

The Tuesday box office actuals are out and Avatar took in $4,190,947 out of a total top ten Box Office for the day of $11,640,436, for a 36% share of the top ten box office. Both the gross number and percentage share are consistent with what now appears to be Avatar’s inevitable march toward Titanic’s all-time US record of $600M. With $509,059,398 thus far, it seems certain that Avatar will pass #2 The Dark Knight this weekend, and catch Titanic in early February. Overseas, Avatar’s take stands at $1,153,370,200 for a combined US and Foreign total of $1,662,429,598. Titanic’s all-time number 1 combined total of $1,842,879,955 means that Avatar needs another $180M in combined US and foreign gross to reach that milestone.

As Avatar meets and surpasses Titanic in terms of gross receipts, the conversation will inevitably shift to how it is doing versus Titanic on an “adjusted for inflation” basis, and to what its final total will be when all is said and done. More on that in an upcoming post.

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