Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

by Michael D. SellersHere’s a now-famous newclip showing actress Hayden Panatierre and others trying to intervene in the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan. This is a bizarre event in which 23,000 dolphins are killed. It’s a pretty heartwrenching video but I have to say that it brings into question one of the issues that are out there, and that is — are dolphins “different” ? Meaning, we kill 23,000 cows every hour or so in the US. Are dolphins different? Many feel that they are — but others feel that it’s wrong to single out dolphins, just because they’re smart and cute. The point is — they are not endangered, thus is it fair to react to their slaughter differently than the regularized slaughter of other mammals that find their way onto the shelves at our local supermarkets?Dolphin Slaughter

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