My Family

I’m one of those guys whose considered “driven” — which means that I have been guilty at certain points in my life of prioritizing work ahead of family. One experience which really changed all that was living in the Philippines. The Filipinos have a very wise culture, and I was always struck by the way that the elders in the Philippines seemed to be at peace with themselves in a way that we find elusive in America. I am an American – make no doubt about that – but the Philippines is my second home and a place that will always be close to my heart.

Anyway — meet the family!


This is the closest thing we have to a family portrait, because we’re rarely all in one place at one time. The exception was at the time of our wedding in the Philippines in 1999 — everybody was there. Clockwise from little miss “pogy points” in the middle bottom row: daughter Michelle, daughter Pilar, Mom Lucy, yours truly, son Patrick, Rena, daughter Kaitlyn

With Rena.

With Pilar, Patrick, and Michelle

With Kaitlyn

With Michelle

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