Our VIDEO Love Letter to Rena’s nieces and nephews who lost their homes to Typhoon Yolanda

by Rena Sellers

The past two weeks have been the hardest I can ever remember enduring. First there were the days when I didn’t know if my family in Guinob-an, Eastern Samar, had survived. Then we found out they had survived — but all ten households of my brothers and sisters living in the typhoon zone had lost their homes. Only the home of my mother and father’s home had survived, partially. But everyone was alive and that was what mattered. Since then it it has been what feels like a round the clock effort, first to get food and rice to my family, then — with help from more than 80 people who donated — to get rice to the entire town. Finally in the last couple of days things slowed down just a little and I had time to look at pictures of all my nieces and nephews — pictures that I took of them on my trip home in 2010. I was putting the photos in an album and Michael suggested that we make a video, so we did. The video is a combination of the pictures I took on my last trip home, and pictures of the typhoon aftermath taken by my nephew J R Estela. I hope you like it. It makes me feel good to watch it so I’m glad we did it. . . And many, many thanks to all the people who have supported our micro-relief project which provided emergency food for these kids and lots of others just like them in Guinob-an.

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