First Shipment of Rice Arrives in Guinob-an report by Rena Sellers

First Shipment of Rice Arrives in Guinob-an report by Rena Sellers

Lorena Sellers has put out the following update regarding the first shipment of rice and relief goods for her project  Immediate Relief Guinob-an, Lawaan, Eastern Samar:

First Shipment Arrives in Guinob-an

Our first shipment arrived in Guinob-an a few hours ago after almost 30 hours in transit and is now being re-portioned in preparation for distribiution.  There are 1,030 residents of Guinob-an in 252 households. My brother Rommel Llevado is in charge of the distribution, and intends to distribute 1 kilo per person which works out to 7-8 meals per person — enough for 3 days.  There are other items in the shipment as well — canned goods, noodles, etc.   These were donations in kind from Manila based volunteers.

We will have pictures and more details after Rommel reports back to us at the end of the day today our time (Wednesday morning in the Philippines).  He has to drive past Marabut to get a signal.

When he reports to us, we will also get a full breakdown of whatever other aid is reaching the town, and what their needs are, and will report that as well.

Thank you very much for your support that made this possible.


If you are logged in to Facebook and click on what’s below, you can follow the full story from the point where Rena heard her family was okay, until this shipment arrived.  Just click through to Facebook and read the comment thread.


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  • Gary Neely

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    Great work guys!!!

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