Guinob-an, Samar Emergency Rice Shipment to Samar Leaves Manila

Guinob-an, Samar Emergency Rice Shipment to Samar Leaves Manila

Update from Rena Sellers at Immediate Relief, Guinob-an, Philippines
Immediat Aid Guinob-an Samar

These are pics of our first shipment being loaded in Manila Sunday. It left Sunday at noon Manila time so it’s been on the road for about 12 hours. It will take 24 hours or more to get to Guinob-an, with some uncertainty about the length of time because of congestion on the ferry crossing. I am in touch with the drivers and are monitoring and will advise when it has been delivered. A huge THANK YOU and BIG, BIG HUGS to each of you. There is 1,250 KG here — enough here to feed every person in the town three meals a day @ 500 calories per meal for three days. Plus there are canned goods and noodles donated by Manila volunteers. The only other aid that has reached the town is another private shipment that was enough for 2-3 days of rice, and ours will be arriving as that runs out. Maraming, marming salamat sa everyone who has helped by donating, volunteering, or just sharing on FB, etc. We are working on sending more ASAP. This shipment consumed P85,000 of the P136,000 we have raised so far. Thank you again for your support.

Rice Shipment to Guinob-an 1

Rice Shipment to Guinob-an 2

Rice Shipment to Guinob-an 3

Rice Shipment to Guinob-an 4

Rice Shipment to Guinob-an 5


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